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Sells extended label or sticker on white background, vector illustration. Sales Illustration Extended rubber stamp vector graphics, cliparts and inventory vectors. "Sale-extended" stock picture and license fee The standard license allows you to use pictures for any kind of imaging application on any kind of medium. For example: web sites, web-banner, newsletter, PDF files, blog, e-mail, slideshow, TV and TV presentation, mobile phone, screen capture, film, newspaper article, book, advertisement, brochure, illustration, brochure, poster, card, package, etc.

Extended License gives you all the privileges of Standard License, but also the possibility to use our created data more than 500,000 prints and use them for your own work. With an extended license, you can build derivatives product or service designed for redistribution or sale.

Expanded user agreement | Stock Photos & Vector Type

Bigstock customer: This is a legally binding arrangement (the "Agreement") between you or the Company or another company on whose account you enter into this agreement ("You") and Shutterstock, Inc d/b/a Bigstock ("Bigstock"). Before you download any Bigstock image ("Image" or "Images"), please review this License Terms and Conditions thoroughly. When you download an Image, you are agreeing to be bound both by this License, Bigstock's Privacy Policy and Bigstock's Terms and Conditions, all of which are contained herein and are integral to it through this link.

Non-compliance with these conditions may lead to immediate cancellation of your bankroll. Any and all pictures on the Bigstock Website are copyrighted by the United States and internationally recognized intellectual property rights laws and treaties. The Bigstock Website is subject to the following intellectual property protection policies and conventions. The Bigstock and/or the various performers who make Bigstock Image (s) available ("Contributors") own all right, title and interest in and to the Image(s).

Largestock and/or its participants retain all right, title and interest in and to the Images not specifically granted to you by the provisions of this Agreement. You have the right to use any Image under this Agreement and are bound by your payments to Bigstock for the use of the Image. When you do not make a Bigstock deposit when due, a cheque is not cashed, or a debit or debit is rejected, your bank is overdue.

In the event your Player Deposit is in default, your right to use images that you have uploaded will expire immediately, unless all payment, along with interest and Bigstock's cost of debt collecting, banking duties and payment cards handling, is made to Bigstock no later than fifteen (15) calendar days after the date on which your Player Deposit is in default.

Picture credit expires on the one-year anniversary of the date of sale and is non-refundable. Under this agreement, you are granted a single-user licence. Through this Agreement, Bigstock hereby gives you a nonexclusive, non-transferable (other than as provided herein) right, for an indefinite period of time, throughout the universe, to use and reproduce any Image, provided that you comply with the restrictions contained herein and in Part II of this Agreement.

However, you may assign pictures to a third person only to induce that third person to create and/or make your goods with pictures. You have the right under this Agreement to Pictures on material goods for re-sale, comprising a shirt, hat, cup, calendar, stationary, card and other small item; printing, drawing or otherwise reproducing a licenced picture on screen, hard copy or other media for redistribution, provided that the printing, drawing or reproduction of the picture is combined with words and/or other graphic or image material and/or credited to the Bigstock employee;

Embed pictures in an off-line distribution system; pictures in on-line system and on-line template such as on-line greetings card, contents managing system, presentations template, web page creator with a dissolution not higher than the screen dissolution of the proposed announcement devices. include Image (s) in promotional material, poster and fair signs for use in encouraging the sale of other goods or service (as distinct from encouraging the sale of print (s), poster(s), etc. containing the Image(s)), outdoor promotion included, provided that the Image is an integral, supporting part of your design or production and not the final part of such print(s) and/or poster(s) and/or other reproduction(s).

Using pictures in periodicals, journals, books, jackets and/or educational materials for editing and/or promotional use; using pictures in the print template for packing a copy of a work; incorporating pictures on stationery and visiting card, brochure, brochure and catalogue, provided that pictures are not used as a logotype or brand; Integrate Image (s) into the kit layout and equipment for appearances to the general public; use Image (s) for any reason not described by any of the foregoing, but relating to the making, re-sale and sale of a Products, as long as such Products do not breach any other provision of this Agreement, including, without limitation, the provisions of Part III.

Bigstock reserves all other copyrights for itself and its participants. Do not use the picture specified in Part I. Use one picture for several applications. Every use of a picture you download here will require a seperate fee. If an image is used, for example, as part of a website theme and in a calling card, each of these applications will require a dedicated image licence, which must be purchased for each use.

You do this by uploading and payment for the image as often as necessary. The use of an Image in more than one product without obtaining additional license for such purposes constitutes a breach of this Agreement and may subject you to liabilities for infringements of copyrights. Do not use an image in such a way that it violates the brand of a third person or other mental properties.

Using an image in such a way that every individual portrayed in the image is placed in a way that makes a sensible individual feel insulting - this involves, but is not restricted to, the use of images: e ) in advertising and/or publicity material for pharmaceuticals, health, plant or medicinal items (including but not restricted to food additives, alimentary substances, plant nutritional substances, individual health care or childbirth management products), where use involves the individual being portrayed suffering from a bodily or emotional disability, disease or illness, or engaging in unethical or illicit activities; f) in a way that indicates that the individual is using or supporting an item or services individually; and g) in a way that indicates that the individual is in a position to do so; and f) in a way that indicates that the individual is in a position to use or support an item or services individually.

Sharing a picture by granting permission to view that picture on your hard drive, computer networking, server, intranet, clamp or other intranet of any kind or otherwise. The use of images on a third parties' web site or application for visual communication (a "social communication platform") where such third parties' web site or application for visual communication purports to obtain, through such use, a right in violation of this Agreement.

At Bigstock's option, you will immediately delete the image from the social media platform. Using pictures in a way that rivals Bigstock's store. For illustrative purposes only and not as a restriction, this may include the display of any Image (s) in any form (including thumbnails) for downloading from a website, the offer of any Image for sale, or the otherwise redistribution or provision of any Image for redistribution to any third party.

Please use a picture called "editorial use only" for business use. When an image is labeled "Editorial Use Only," you may need extra privileges for business use. We do not make such authorizations available. You may use any Image (in whole or in part) as a trade name, trade name, trade dress, logotype or other designation of source, or as part thereof, or to otherwise support the approval or suggestion of goods and/or provision of goods and/orervices.

To use or show an image in a way that suggests that the image was made by you or someone other than the owner of the copyrights to that image. In addition, you may not use or view any Image in any way that creates the appearance that any individual portrayed in the Image is the designer or originator of any products in which the Image is integrated.

You may use computer software, applications, bots or the like to automatically create and maintain accounts on the website or its contents for any purposes, whether online or offline, whether online or offline, including, but not limited to, image downloads, browsing, indexing and/or posting. It is not Bigstock's responsibility to reimburse the costs of a sale.

If, however, Bigstock finds that you are eligible for a full or partial reimbursement of your original retail amount, your reimbursement will be made only to the original charge forward you used to buy the item. They undertake to take all economically sensible measures to ensure that third persons do not copy an image.

The Bigstock user name and the Bigstock user ID and the Bigstock passwords may only be used by you. Every individual who wishes to use the Bigstock website must have their own user name and their own personal key. Your computer can be accessed on more than one computer, but only one computer can be signed in to your computer at a given moment.

In the event that two people on two different machines use the same user name and passwords, we retain the right to cancel that subscriber's subscription without reimbursement or advance notification. c) You hereby consent to defend, indemnify and hold Bigstock, its officers, employees, shareholders, officers, members and vendors, and its affiliated entities, as well as parents and subsidiary undertakings, harmless from and against any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever resulting from the use of Images not specifically authorized by this Agreement.

In addition, you hereby consent to release Bigstock from all charges and expenses incurred by Bigstock if you fail to comply with any provision of this or any other arrangement with Bigstock. Any information, for example personally identifiable information, that you submit to Bigstock is true, complete and up to date at the point of submission to Bigstock.

Falsifying such information or failing to abide by this Agreement may lead to the cancellation of your Bigstock Casino balance. Assume full ownership of all Bigstock activity performed through your Bigstock Money Playbookers account. At any time, you consent to inform Bigstock immediately of any unauthorized use of your User ID, your User ID or your User ID, or any other violation of Bigstock's safety or security. Upon receipt of this notice, you must inform Bigstock immediately of any activity that may occur under your User ID, User ID or User ID.

Without Bigstock's previous agreement in writing, you may not have more than one bankroll. In no event shall you pretend to be any other individual or act in any way that would cause any other individual to mistake you for any other one. They will not behave in any way toward Bigstock, Bigstock staff, Bigstock staff or in relation to any Image that Bigstock, in its sole judgment, considers offensive or vulgar. However, Bigstock will not use the Image for any purpose whatsoever, including, but not limited to, displaying, displaying, displaying, displaying, displaying, displaying, transmitting, transmitting, transmitting, transmitting, transmitting, displaying, transmitting, transmitting, displaying, transmitting, displaying, transmitting, transmitting, displaying, transmitting, displaying, transmitting, transmitting, displaying, transmitting, transmitting, displaying, transmitting, transmitting, displaying, transmitting, transmitting, transmitting, or transmitting any Image.

When Bigstock cancels your Bigstock Holding account, you will not in any way or for any purpose gain unauthorized use of Bigstock Holding without Bigstock's previous explicit consent in writing. We warrant and represent that we have the right and power to enter into this Agreement and assign the right to use the Image(s) displayed herein, without limitation or qualification.

Although Bigstock makes economically sound endeavors to maintain the correctness of key words and image description and the intactness of our editorial images, Bigstock makes no guarantees and/or assurances with respect to such key words, image description or intactness. Your right under this Agreement will immediately expire without notice:

i) the commencement by or against you of any liquidation, cession, or other proceeding; ii) your subrogation to any creditor; or iii) the liquidation of any company on whose account you have entered into this Agreement or the date on which such company discontinues its operations.

In the case of any of the foregoing, however, we do not agree to the transfer or transfer of the right under this Agreement. In order to use the website and agree to this Agreement, you must be at least 18 years of age. 2. All registrants may be required by bigstock to furnish adequate evidence of seniority.

All actions or proceedings relating to the validity, construction and enforceability of this License, any matter resulting out of or relating to this License or the conclusion, execution or violation thereof, or related issues shall be instituted solely in the New York State County or the United States of America for the Southern District of New York, and all parts agree to the sole venue of such New York County or the United States of America, waving all objections to the adequacy or comfort of such New York County or the United States of America for the Southern District of New York.

United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall not be applicable and shall not be affected by this contract. Except as expressly provided herein, the invalidity, construction and enforceability of this License, any matter relating to or resulting from its creation, execution or violation, and any related matter shall be subject to the domestic statutes of the State of New York (without regard to your choice hereof).

In all acts, disputes and disagreements resulting from or related to this Agreement, you acknowledge and agree that delivery of the Proceedings may be made in advance by sending a copy thereof to the other of the parties by recorded delivery or recorded delivery (or substantially similar means of mail), Porto paid, but nothing herein shall prejudice the right to effect delivery of the Proceedings in any other way permissible by applicable statute.

Nothing in this Agreement shall be interpreted against or in favour of any either of the parties, but in accordance with the true meaning of this Agreement. If any part of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, this shall not invalidate or enforce the remainder of the Agreement. When you enter into this Agreement on your employer's or any other company's account, you guarantee and affirm that you have the full right and full authority do so.

If you do not have such power, you consent to be held individually responsible to the Bigstock for any breach of the provisions of this Agreement. In order to give credits to the Agent and the Agent in relation to the use of an Image in an edited environment, you must post a return to (if applicable) -OR- from a link to

Essentially, this entry must be made in the following form: "" In the event that any Image is used in conjunction with any movie, TV, documentary, recording or other audiovisual or multi-media production, you are obligated to make commercially reasonable effort to grant Bigstock employee and Bigstock a loan as described above.

Inadvertent failure to provide such funds does not constitute a violation of these Subscriber Conditions, provided that the Subscriber remedies such failure following an e-mail notification from Bigstock. If you violate any provision of this or any other arrangement with Bigstock, Bigstock has the right to cancel your User Agreement without further notification.

This cancellation is in supplement to Bigstock's other legal and/or equitable remedies. If your Membership Balance is cancelled due to such violation or violation, however, without Bigstock's prior written consent, your Membership Balance will not be refunded. There are no assurances or guarantees by Bigstock with regard to the use of any name, trademark, servicemark, logo, copyright design or work of artwork or architectural design represented in any Image.

You are responsible for ensuring that all necessary laws, approvals or permits are obtained for your use of the Images. There is no warranty by Bigstock that the Images, Bigstock Sites or other material will satisfy your needs or that use will be continuous or error-free.

All risks related to the image content, image workmanship and use are your sole responsibility. Whilst you acknowledge that you should consult with a professional before using any Image on or in conjunction with any goods or service, or for any other business purpose, you should not use any Image for any other purpose. Under no circumstances shall Bigstock's overall liabilities to you or any third parties asserted by you resulting from or in any way connected with your use of or your incapacity to use the Bigstock Website and/or the Images therein (whether in a contractual, tortious or other manner) amount to more than the amount of money actually obtained by Bigstock from you for your use of such Images.

None of Bigstock or its officer, employee, manager, member, stockholder, shareholder, director's supplier or affiliate, or any of its parents and subsidiary undertakings, shall be responsible to you or to any other individual or organization for any general, criminal, special, indirect, consequential, incidental or loss of profit or other damage, cost or loss resulting from your use of the Images, Bigstock's violation of this Agreement or otherwise, except as specifically provided herein, even if Bigstock has been informed of the potential for such damage, cost or loss.

If you use deceptive credentials to open an online bankroll or otherwise commit fraud involving Bigstock, Bigstock will immediately lodge a claim with www.ic3. gov, the Internet Crime Complaint Center, a partner of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center.

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