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sales pictures

Get the perfect sales images. Get stunning free images about For Sale. Consumers tend to stop shopping when there are too many pictures.

Qualitatively high-quality images are important

On-line traders use the web to engage a wider public to advertise and market products". With the development of on-line technologies, however, the expectation of the increasing number of buyers has also developed. Clients now want a high-quality on-line buying experience. What's more, they can now enjoy a high level of service. Distributors who are planning to draw and retain consumer demand must build visual engaging websites that meet the needs of their client bases.

Presenting a particular brand is the most important way to increase your customers' retention and generate revenue. Dealers need to know two things before they can put pictures online: Durability and qualitiy. Beta Emery, Chief Executive Officer of TELLUS, an award-winning web designer, says: "Consistency and brand images have a direct influence on your web page turnover rates. "Customers who search web sites for items want to see the items they are considering to buy through a picture of the highest possible value.

Best way to get high qualitiy images is to employ a qualified fotographer. Furthermore, it is perfect that the product is recorded in a commercial recording room where the right illumination is guaranteed. In order to be qualified as a high-resolution photo, an exposure must be taken with a 15 megapixel or higher supporting digital imager.

At least eight pixels are required for a single image to be enlarged. "If your DSLR doesn't meet these criteria, you should bypass the notion of using your own DSLR and take your items to the next professional photographer," Dahlgren said. "Sometimes you can use images of your creations provided directly by the supplier, but make sure you employ a good web design engineer who can keep the images used on your site consistent," added emery.

Professional pictures of your goods create customer loyalty. On the other hand, if the images are hard to see or show no detail, they actually have a detrimental effect on what and how much your clients buy. However, since shoppers cannot move or sense the goods while browsing a website, picture clarity is even more important in determining whether a consumer is comfortable with the item.

When you have the means and ressources to have your items professionally shot, or when you can deliver large, high resolution images yourself, do it. Surely it will raise your customer's level of confidence and help them make better buying choices. Mr. Eoin Townsend, VP of product and marketing/sales for richFX, a supplier of on-line video merchandising services, said: "As with all enriched multimedia and imaging services, the original picture determines the final result.

Visitors intuitively recognise value and value in professional photographs, especially those representing luxurious brand names and speciality items. "So long as the picture is of high picture value, say 1,500 to 3,000 pixel per inches for a picture that' s seen from the movie, the user can see the necessary detail to make an educated purchase decision," Townsend said.

Clients who rummage in a brickworks shop have a tendency to hold objects or sense for a better look. Suppose a client buys a new couch. But there are a number of retailers that are successfully building sites that span the interface between the consumers and the website.

"Presenting a choice of fabrics and colours and a cross-sectional picture showing the structure of a delicate settee can deliver more information than the customer sees in a shop," says emery. "It is an great way to add information that may not be readily available in a shop.

Therefore, viewing the same view on-line contributes to an optimum usability experienced, leading to more on-line shopping. "A rugged picture display can also mimic the touch-and-feel world. "Using enriched multimedia and on-line visualisation is the way to create the levels of convenience that traditional retail shoppers feel," said Townsend.

"Achieving this is by giving back ownership to on-line learners and enabling them to interoperate in a way that is determined by their needs and demands. Sometimes the on-line experience provides a more granular and appealing setting than what can be found in shops or through catalogues," he said.

Vendors such as Equilibrium, Scene7, RichFX and others deliver utilities that help website users maximise the value of their images. This type of service allows on-line buyers to imagine what their choices look like when they have received them. "Rather than choosing a settee cloth from a pattern in the shop and imagine what it will look like on the completed item of furniture, thanks to Rich Multimedia consumer can see the end result in the cloth choices of their own choosing.

Dahlgren said this is not available when purchasing from a retailer. "Enhanced consumer satisfaction through the use of Rich Metal Graphics will help retailers resell all types of products," he said, stating that deployment will differ by type of item. Combining high fidelity, professional-looking images of your items with active presentation tools for your customers can significantly boost the number of shoppers from "just browsing" to "buying".

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