Sales Estimate Template

Template for sales estimate

Offers, price offers or sales offers are very similar to estimates. Would you like to help calculate your expected revenue and profit potential or your cash flow forecast? You can use our sales forecast template. The sales forecast for your product or service is the starting point for the financial forecasts. You can download the business plan template today!

Template for job offers

Quoting or estimating a client's costs is often the first stage in a procedure that can involve the preparation of a cost estimate, the preparation of an initial quotation, the preparation of a work order, the billing of finished work, and the mailing of a docket. To get started, download our free calculation table below.

Please note: Unlike an offer, a quotation is not a agreement and the end result may be higher or lower. You can, for example, create a cost estimate before a more thorough survey is completed and then a definitive quotation to determine the precise cost of completing the work. The order template is prepared on the basis of our invoicing so that you can either go and get it if you want a single look for both the estimate and the bill.

Saving to OneDrive for editing in Excel Web App and Excel for iPad or iPhone: This template is developed for vendors who want to give their customers an idea of the costs of the work they need to do. It is sometimes not possible to ensure the costs for a particular order, so that you can give the client your best estimate with a quote without having to enter into a firm agreement.

When you can ensure the costs of the work, you should use our quotation template. Below are some step-by-step guides to customizing this estimation template for your organization. Please review the details below to specify who to call if the client has any queries. At the end of the screen, click the hint to modify it.

Currently, the notice states that the quote is not a contractual quote and that the quote is open to modification, but that the client will be approached before he starts any work. Store a copy of the template so that you can begin creating estimations for different clients with already finished 1-3 stages.

Clients do not like to be caught off guard by rising prices. When your company is based on recommendations, ratings and repeats, you want to ensure that your client is satisfied throughout the whole process. Add sales and purchases to your estimate, either by specifying line item numbers as "...including sales and purchases tax," by specifying a special line for sales and purchases related to sales and purchases, or by specifying that the estimate contains sales and purchases related to sales and purchases.

More than one estimate: Consideration should be given to provide two (or more) estimated jobs: one for the most likely costs and another that also includes extra parts and manpower that may be needed for certain Complications in a worse case situation. When the kind of work you are doing would allow you to ensure a maximal prize, you should use an offer instead.

In order to ensure that your client realises that the rate may vary, you can either refresh the template to add a line of signatures below the footer at the end of the document, or simply handwrite an "x" and a line to give your client a place to subscribe, or ask him to type his Initials next to the Notice.

Pricelists, estimates, quotes and calls for tender at - This paper provides some pointers on the differences between an estimate and a quotation, how to create a quotation and other hints.

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