Sales Funnel Template Excel

Funnel sales template Excel

The sales funnel chart is a good representation to show how leads move in the sales stages. Let us now reproduce this in the sales funnel chart template in Excel. You can use this accessible Sales Funnel Chart template to visualize how many of your leads are converted into sales. The blog shows you five different ways to create funnel charts in Excel and two ways to integrate Excel funnel chart data into PowerPoint slides. You know how to create a sales funnel template in Excel?

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This is how you generate a Sales Funnel Chart in Excel

I' m currently working on the creation of a Sales Pipeline Managements Dashboard. Now I have all the information available and am looking for a visualisation to build the Dashboard. A Sales Funnel is one of the diagrams I really want. Which is a sales funnel?

There are phases in every sales proces. You could use a sales step as shown below: When you think of the numbers, you would find that this makes a sales funnel. Let us now reproduce this in the sales funnel diagram template in Excel. These are the procedures for creating the sales funnel diagram in Excel:

I' m using the same record as shown above, but I added an extra col between sales level and retail value. Choose the dates (A2:C6) and go to Insert -> Diagrams -> Insert Gantt Diagram -> Bars in Stacks. Above step create a batch plot as shown below: Choose the perpendicular axes and hit +1 Controls (or right-click and choose Format Axis).

Choose Reversed order category in the Axis options in the Format axis area. That would invert the order of the charts so that you have "Identified" the step bars at the top. Next, take out the scrap diagram and reformat your diagram to look fantastic. Below are some things I've done to reformat it:

Where' s the dashboard? Right now here is a look at how I am planning to use this Sales Funnel Charter in the Sales Pipeline Managements dashboard. I' m really thrilled because it's the first full featured Dashboard I've posted on my own blogs. To see more of Excel dashboard Tutorials in this blog, call me in the Comment Area.

Even if you think that there are visualisations that would look great in the Sales pipeline dashboard, just write me a message or let your thoughts be in the comment area. Feel free to also like the following Excel tutorials: Create a Pareto chart in Excel that is easy to use and highly interactive. Create a Gantt chart in Excel.

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