Sales Invoice Sample

Sample for sales invoices

You can download the sales invoice template to enter the details of a transaction and request payment for the sale of goods. Easily create sales invoices with our innovative samples. Sales invoice is a document that documents the transaction of goods and services between seller and buyer. Find out what details must be included in a sales invoice, such as discounts and remittances, and when a credit must be issued.

Free-of-charge sales invoice template | Excel | Excel | PDF

To enter the detail of a transactions and require payments for the sales of goods, please click here to load the sales invoice form. An invoice will inform the Purchaser of the amount due for settlement, the due date, the correct means of settlement and any other information required to make the settlement. The seller and the purchaser should keep a copy of these bills to keep track of the quantity of goods dispatched and delivered and to supplement their accounts.

Stage 1 - Download Adobe PDF (.pdf) or Microsoft Word (.doc). 2 - Type the name of the seller above, followed by their sales information. Then, type the biller's postal adress and the adress to which the goods will be sent, as well as the invoice date and number on the right.

Stage 3 - Commentary or Special Instructions - Please provide any information necessary to clarify the fees, such as a modification of delivery costs or a modification of the cost of a product. 4 - In the first spreadsheet, specify the name of the vendor, the number of the order associated with the sales, the requester, the sender, the FOB point at which the vendor transfers title, and any associated conditions.

Stage 5 - In the master chart, specify the amount of each item in the order, followed by the product specification and item pricing for that item. Multiplied by the number of items by the amount for each kind of merchandise, then sum each sum in the right hand side columns to get a subsumable sum.

Add any tax or postage to get the full amount. Stage 1 - Download in Microsoft Excel (.xls). 2 - At the top, type the seller's name and address information. Next, type the invoice and delivery address and on the right, type the invoice date, invoice number, and number.

Stage 3 - Dispatch Information Chart - In the first chart, specify the name of the seller, followed by the order number, date and mode of dispatch, FOB location, and any conditions associated with dispatch. Stage 4 - Commodity Chart - Specify here the article number for each kind of dispatched products, followed by a specification of this kind of products, the amount of items in the delivery, the cost of each items and the taxes on each items.

5 - Sums - Calculate the sums for each line and then insert the sum columns to get the subtotals. Complete the VAT and all other applicable charges so that you can enter any number to obtain the aggregate amount owed by the client. Lastly, please provide specific information such as due date and below provide your details.

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