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Excel sales invoice example

Easy invoice template When I need to look for a billing system for my organization, my first option would be a basic invoice for Microsoft® Excel that would be easily customizable and usable, so I wouldn't have to waste my life building one from the ground up. Like me, there are a bunch of guys out there who want to do just that, so to help and make their life simpler, I've put together this basic invoice form that you can completely free your own way, refresh it with your corporate information in a few moments by making some changes to your preferences, and use it to bill your clients.

Almost I can guarantee that it will take less your first bill to arrive than you spend on a nice nice coffee. On the basis of this easy calculation, over the years I have produced many other invoices and many other corresponding models, most of which have been collected in the invoice template collection, the overwhelming part of which are available free of charge and in addition to Microsoft Excel also for OpenOffice Calc and Google Docs.

It is a basic invoice model that is perfect for start-up companies and individual users as it allows them to perform basic billing work. There are four styles in the table, both vertical and horizontal, two of which are ink-friendly, but you can also choose the color from four preset color options available directly from the Style Preferences page of the style sheet.

The majority of your preferences are made on the Preferences page, which immediately appears on all invoice pages, except one where you need to add your own company name to each invoice style sheet by hand. Print and send your bills. Generally, when it comes to your invoice print, I suggest using PDF document output devices that are usually available in the format of Adobe® Acrobat programs, which play on your computer as a desktop computer and are located in the device and print area of your computer.

Microsoft® Excel 2013 has a built-in PDF conversion engine that lets you convert your bills to PDF without the need for extra sofware. Conversion of single bills to PDF can also help you saving cash when purchasing papers and inks, and above all saving your invoice shipping costs.

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