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Invoice Template Word

You can download a free invoice template for Microsoft Word. Locate other Excel invoice templates that automate calculations that Word cannot perform. Default 19 Empty Invoice Templates [Microsoft Word] Customer billing can be a complex and time-consuming part of corporate management, but does not have to be. Our free invoice template allows you to generate your own MS Word invoice without the need for costly custom invoice processing tools. These guidelines contain information about the advantages of Word and how to use it to generate a new invoice.

We' ve also provided a number of empty invoice forms for you to upload and customise to your specific needs. It is important to remember that this document does not address the statutory billing needs, such as your VAT liability, and only addresses the Word billing roles in the process of designing and creating your invoice.

Many billing options are available, which include billing softwares and on-line billing utilities. You may not need a complete billing suite if you are a small shopkeeper, but you will still want a straightforward, comfortable and cost-effective one. These are the most important advantages of using MS Word as your billing solution:

There are no charges - Some billing package types may cause a high sales charge or charge recurring subscriptions. Word is a piece of softwares that is usually provided with the computer you buy, so it is a cost-effective way to generate bills. Billing solutions often rely on companies that issue a monthly fee for a certain number of bills.

With MS Word, this is not the case because you can generate 1 or 100 bills without having to give a bonus for the benefit. Usability - What interests shopkeepers in using MS Word is its easiness. It' s one of the most popular and user-friendly word processors, and there are plenty of on-line on demand tutorials available.

You don't have to be a computer freak to produce a paper that looks both business like and professionally. Versatility - The great thing about MS Word is the possibility to be integrated into other programmes and to include elements from other programmes and resources. Excel tables can be cropped and pasted, download pictures can be pasted and an invoice can be sent by e-mail, all via MS Word.

A further benefit is the possibility to store bills in different file types such as PDF and as a website. In spite of the concrete advantages, MS Word has its limits. MS Word cannot be used as an example for complicated formulas and it cannot automatize computations. There is a large selection of free MS Excel invoice forms available for you to choose from and use.

If you create your own invoice, you must first open an empty Word file. Your company name or your company name and the word "invoice" should appear in large letters on the title to make it clear that the documents are separated from quotations and estimations. With the Header in Word radio button, you can add headings only once and have them repeated on the following pages.

When you have a corporate image, you can insert it into the headline by pasting an image filename, changing its size, and placing it as you like. In order to maintain the consistent nature of your transaction documents, make sure that all elements you write, even the title, are in the same typeface. The most readable typefaces, according to a survey by the Software Usability and Research Laboratory, are Arial, Courier and Verdana, with Times New Roman being the least popular.

Invoice issue date and due date of your payments should be shown at the top of the invoice, usually directly below the head. In MS Word, you can choose the Auto Date function, which adds the date to your Word for you. It is useful when you are sending paper copy of your bills, but if you are sending bills by electronic means, the date is always shown when you view them.

In this case, you may want to enter the invoice and billing periods by hand. When sending more than one invoice, the numbers make it easier to keep tabs on them. A number of possibilities exist for assigning numbers to invoices: Consecutive numbers - This way you can save all your bills in one file and is useful if you don't want to sort your bills by customer.

You can use an AutoNew macros in MS Word that creates a consecutive number for each new invoice that avoids the risk of duplicate or skiped invoice numbers. Custom Customer Numbers - This allows you to set up custom invoice files for each customer and add the customer's name to the invoice number, e.g. "PJones1.

" This may be your prefered way, but it means that you have to enter the invoice number by hand instead of using MS Word serialization. Regardless of which methodology you select, the invoice number should appear at the top of the invoice and should match the appropriate documents previously sent to the client, such as a quotation or order number.

In order to complete your commercial and customer information, first enter a text field and divide it into two column names "BILL FROM" and "BILL TO". Your company should be included in the commercial information (if applicable): When you send the invoice by electronic mail, you have the ability to incorporate forms into your invoice, a feature that allows the receiver to enter the necessary information in a text field that can be completed.

Each invoice must contain accounting information that clearly states what the invoice is for and what the client owe for each of the products or services. MS Word makes it easy to use the function Notes to generate a notebook with lines and column that can be reformatted as needed.

Descriptions - This may contain product detail such as service, material, wage and client rebates. When calculating sales taxes, this should appear below a subsummary of the item fees and before the grand sum, which can be printed in bold to distinguish it from other numbers. As MS Word does not have a cleverly devised automated calculating feature, you have to compute the subtotals and the sum by hand and paste these numbers into the corresponding spreadsheet cell.

They must tell the client how to settle the invoice amount, so a text field for the billing information should be added next to or below the billing information. The following paragraphs may contain your billing information: When accepting other forms of payments such as PayPal, please paste the appropriate PayPal logotype, change the size and location, and when submitting the invoice electronic, please provide a link to take the client directly to the web payments site.

Or you can add a plain "Thank you for your company" to your own text field or to the bottom of the page to kindly unsubscribe your clients. You' ve issued your invoice, and now you have to mail it to your client for settlement. With MS Word you can store the invoice as a PDF attachment and append it to an e-mail before dispatch.

So if you've chosen that the invoice template for Word is exactly what your company needs, but don't have the patience to set up an invoice generation system, or the amount of free space to make a fresh fresh start right from the ground up, take a look at our samples. Just browse and select the invoice you want, upload the information to your company, and you' re done sending a professionally designed invoice to your clients.

Do you need help with different invoice types? Have a look at other samples we have: freelancer invoice forms designed for contractor and freelancer, business invoices for business deals, invoice forms for non business professionals and professionals and photographer invoice forms with different invoice method. It is also possible to have a pro forma invoice downloaded to verify the obligation to offer goods at a certain rate and under certain conditions.

With a thin headline, your company image will be displayed above a vertical side panel before you dive into the financials. Shade crates contain the invoice information and also fill the transactions drilldown, in contrast to the fat headers of the invoice itself. Combining our unique font style with the classic shade of red and white creates a corporate invoice template suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Your company's corporate identity will be enhanced by our unique font design.

Your trademark logo, preferential billing option and the recipient give the template a contemporary look that matches the clear outline. The free empty invoice designs offer coarse Serif type and thick partitions. Pale bluish tabbed pages identify category related flags and conditions of pay for improved organisation and legibility. Information hierarchies are congruent with conventional calculations, but the person represented is totally inimitable.

Bright foliage highlights emphasise category and title in both the statement of account and the headline, making it easy for the readers to find appropriate paragraphs. Classical typefaces and a professionally designed lay-out make this a sophisticated yet contemporary template. Plain, massive lattice contours in a schist grey couple with the deep blackened "Total" tablet for a contemporary look with minimum styling inlay.

There are several billing information areas and room for your corporate identity in the headline. Time less scripts and a traditionally organized schema make this classical invoice template suited for all kinds of transactions. Place your corporate badge in the upper right hand corner, along with adjustable "Bill to" text, allows you to customize this documents to your trademark.

Clearly defined links with accounting detail replace the default horizontally positioned headline for an upgraded look with two greys tones to keep the information clear. Calculation entity has the same combinations of shadowing and lattice line for recording multiple positions. Links to orientated conditions of payments round off the lower right hand side of the page, which is in contrast to the positioning of the corporate logos.

Designed for professionals, this bill template uses conventional formats and default link orientation to present only the facts. Designed with minimum styling emphasis, the horizontally positioned headline with room for a full corporate identity allows you to customise the look for your own unique look. Sufficient room for conditions of payments and bank information follows the allocation of prices.

Big serifless typefaces and even distances without rastering make this invoice template reminiscent of a company documents. Page layouts extend from the top to the bottom by containing conditions of purchase and transaction detail with lots of white space in between. Upholstered arrays and gaps lined with paste-like blues give this invoice effect a layering effect with perfectly spaced and clear contours.

State-of-the-art legal orientation for capturing invoice detail and serifless type make this template attractive and easily readable. Slim, massive partitions provide a clear head and billing section for simple pricing with all pertinent detail. Insert your corporate image into the border on the leftside and mate with the blue-green overall crate to give the page subtile look.

A straightforward organizational chart with all your dirty bills makes this easy invoice template a great introduction for companies or small business. Place for a logotype at the top of the page allows you to personalise the template while small contacts are below. Open grids and shading of marine blue and light yellows give this eye-catching bill a classical look with delicate detail.

Multiple size lettering in a paired highlight colour scheme with the miniture emblem to create different levels of style without overloading the page. Tender scripts combine with thin, light gray partitions to give this classical bill template a touch of detail. Its minimalistic headers and small typeface give the look a contemporary touch with adjustable colours and room for a logotype in the upper right hand corners.

The horizontal partitions in a strong bright green tone keep this bill clear with easy-to-read securities and transactions detail. Plenty of whitespace blends with the text to produce a polished bill with room for a thank-you memo. Centre page headers and a corporate logotype embed this eye-catching invoice by contrast with the coloured lines that make up the invoice text.

Elegantly shadowed backgrounds divide this pattern calculation into two major parts, giving it a touch of refinement yet ensuring a neat display. Transaction detail precedes advanced pricing, while your company emblem and a contrast "Invoice" tabs adds even more individual detail. There are three square cases that follow the invoice heading to clearly display the key information.

Detailed information and conditions of payments round off the documents in a state-of-the-art design below the invoice amount.

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