Sales Letter

letter of sale

The first thing to do is to make sure that you come out immediately and say what the reader of your letter should do, whether he should call you or come to your shop. Normally you will publish it on a so called "Sales Letter" (or a "Sales Page" if you are old-school). Sales letter" is just a website that tries to convince someone to buy a product.

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An advertising letter is a section of advertising intended to convince the readers to buy a particular item or a particular type of advertising services in the presence of a seller. They have been described as "a type of advertising in which an advertisers send a letter to a prospective customer"[1] It differs from other forms of advertising, such as the dissemination of brochures and catalogs, because the letter usually refers to a particular item or line of items and is more of a text than a graphic.

The term is usually used for goods or a service which, because of their prices, are regarded as a mid- or high-value buy (typically ten to a thousand dollars). An advertising letter is often, but not only, the final phase of the sales proces before the client places an order and is intended to make sure that the potential client is commited to becoming a client.

Ever since the emergence of the web, the sales letter has become an integrated part of web advertising and is usually offered in the shape of an e-mail or a website. Unwanted sales e-mails are referred to as spams, although spams usually consist of e-mails that are much less than a regular sales letter. Unwanted, off-line advertising mailings are referred to as Junkmail.

A sales letter is divided into several different areas. As a rule, this section is quite long, with 4-, 8- and 16-page covers being used. Usually this section contains customer feedback, images and information about the products. The text copy may contain imbedded videos or sound on the web.

Each sales letter contains a deduction designed to induce the client to undertake to purchase the products or services, usually without further inaction. Designing a sales letter graphically is an important part of a brand. Fonts, layouts, line pitch, paragraphs, images, etc. influence the effectiveness of the letter.

Due to the immediate responsiveness of promotional mailings, they can be thoroughly and continuously reviewed to see which versions are best suited to turn reader into customer. As a rule, sales correspondence is gradually written, with different items being separately screened. In this way, the marketer or writer can verify which title, text or graphics can best be implemented.

It is possible to follow extra tags on the web, such as the opening speed of e-mails, the rebound speed, the click-through to the cash register, etc.

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