Sales Letter example

Example of a sales letter

How does a really effective sales letter work? Example sales letter to customers and how to spell one out Have you recently sent any mailings or e-mails? Advertising mails can be highly efficient; market research shows that mailings exceed other forms of DMA such as booklets and cards. Before you see how effectively promotional mailings are, you have to do one.

Here is how to create an advertising letter that will excite your reader and convince them to buy your products or services.

Look at the fictitious GreenClean company's customer sales letter at the end of this paper to see an example of how this works, and then use it to create your own sales letter. Put the heading in front of the title in your letter. We' re in the letterbox now.

Tell your potential clients what you offer them first. You have to get them to want your products or services. So, think like a potential buyer or buyer when you write this section of your letter and reply to the questions "What's in it for me?

One example: "For less than $150, you can make your whole house cleaner and shinier without the evil stench of dry cleaning products. Do not be scared to extend the advantages of your products or services. I' m sure I would have much more to say about the advantages of a professional cleaning house if I wrote this specimen sales letter!

If necessary, use bullets or arrowheads to make your sales letter more readable. One other thing you need to do in the promotional letter's body is to reassure your readers that they are content with their buy. Test reports (satisfaction declarations from former customers) are an outstanding way of doing this.

You can also give your readers a "fail-safe", such as a money-back warranty, or tempt them with a free sample quote. Of course, the most important thing you need to do in the form of your sales letter is to convince the readers to act.

First make sure you come out immediately and say what the letter recipient should do, whether to call you or come to your shop. You asked your editor once. Include a P.S. in your sales letter to ignite a fire among your customers and get them to act immediately.

The use of the HOPPP sketch I have outlined above will help you create a promotional letter that will convince your potential clients to buy your products or services. Read 10 tipps to maximize your sales letter response before you ship it for advice on how to get the best ROI from your sales letter campaigns.

For only $150, you can make your whole house sparkly and tidy without the unpleasant smell of dry cleaning products. Our products make your surface look clear, shiny and hygenic. Contentment is assured - if you are not satisfied with the services, we pledge to do them right.

GreenClean does a first class cleanup operation at a sensible cost, as one of our clients says. "Another of our clients says: "I can't believe they make things so dirty and sparkly without the use of poisonous dryish! P.S. We offer until the end of the year 10% discounts for first use of our services.

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