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Get examples of professional document drafts in Word (.doc) and Excel (.xls) format. Turnover prognosis or turnover prognosis is the planning of your company for future turnover.

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Turnover prognosis or turnover prognosis is the planning of your enterprise for further turnovers. This is the foundation for the determination of expected sales increases, costs, profits and headcount. Sales forecasting is basically a sound estimate of sales revenue derived from your understanding of the business, the markets and any outside influences such as business prospects that may influence sales revenue.

The majority of our sales forecasts contain sales forecasts for the following year. Among the various ways of forecasting sales, there is not a proper one. Forecasting sales in this way, based on past sales, works best for incumbents. Historical sales are divided into four components: whether sales are increasing or decreasing; whether sales are affected by commercial drivers, such as cyclical changes or declines; whether the organization is going to plan for unanticipated occurrences, such as strike action or changes in fashions, that may impact sales; and whether the organization is going to take steps to improve sales, such as a larger promotional presence.

On the basis of the forecasted general economic environment, and taking all relevant parameters into consideration, our managers predict whether sales will increase or decrease. Marketing forecasts can be useful for new companies that do not have enough historical information to be able to rely upon them. Using market-based prediction, you do research to identify your audience demands, your client list, and the probability of your clients buying from you in the year ahead.

Such forecasting may involve the estimation of your estimated loss of slice of the pie and the determination of what your clients in that particular store have done in the past; this information may be provided by industrial trading groups. E.g. if you open a canine care facility, you can anticipate sales and your potential mar-ket sales by assessing how many canine care professionals are using in your area and what they are spending each year on the facility.

You can use a resource-based sales forecasting to predict your sales in the near term on the basis of what you can manufacture or resell. A large number of enterprises, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises, have a defined MPP. As soon as this capability is achieved, these firms can no longer grow sales without paying for it. In order to generate a market-based prognosis, first calculate your capacities.

When you are working in production, your machines can restrict your production capacities. As soon as you have calculated the production quantity, adjust your sales forecasts to this quantity or to a lower planning level. As soon as you have calculated the production quantity, do so. Certain kinds of enterprises make a large part of their turnover in certain seasonal periods. Florida for example, is a busy place for flower arrangers on public festivals such as Mother's Day and Valentine's Day, and building work tends to reach its climax in summers.

Companies that are selling a product can count on Christmas sales to make a large part of their annual sales; other companies can count on sales in the fall. Take into consideration sales forecast based on regional sales trends. When you are a new company, gather information about the seasons of your sector's sales and include it in your forecasts.

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