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Sample for sales projections

And Magda looked at the sales forecast for a small restaurant. Sales forecasting is essentially a sound estimate based on your knowledge of the company, the market and any external factors, such as economic prospects, that may affect sales. The majority of business plans include monthly sales forecasts for the coming year.

Forecasts - Template & Sample Sheet

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An in-depth sample forecast sales forecast restaurants

Part of our Restaurants Startup Guides - a beautifully organized collection of items to help you design, build and expand your own dining experience! Keep in mind that there is no way to predict a deal. And Magda looked at the sales outlook for a small cafeteria. She then made a basic mathematics: six foursome desks would mean she would serve 24 dishes.

Mahlzeiten last about an entirehour for lunch and about two Stunden for supper. Thinking she had a portion of noon and two portions of supper, she coarsely calculated the 5 to 5:30 amount as the first portion and the 7:30 to 8:00 amount as the second portion. A complete picnic luncheon would be 24 dinners in one single morning.

A complete meal on a single date would be 48 meals. Her decision was that an avarage meal would be $10 for meal and $2 for beverage. $20 for a meal and $4 for a drink. The Magda does not turn to a magical information resource to find out what her sales will be.

In the ideal case she has worked in a local eatery or knows someone who has, so she has some sensible information to fall back on. Magda can therefore perform a basic computation to calculate the turnover of a good trading session when operating at full capacity: After Magda has found out which sales are possible on a given max date, she examines how sales can change on the weekdays.

Not only are there four weekly periods per months; multiplied an average weekly by 52, then split this by 12 to get an even monthly number. The example shows Magda's conservative assessment, with less dinner on Monday and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. So, she computed a base monthly with about 370 meals and 1,044 dinner.

This example shows that Magda has to find a way to understand her prognosis. Incidentally, you can display your prognosis with the right graphical tool. Here is an example of how a plain line chart can predict Magda's luncheon sales for the first year.

He will check these figures every months and adjust them to real life. In addition, you don't have to be right from the start, because you continuously make your forecasts better as your company progresses. At the end of the first months, if you look at the second months and the remainder of the prognosis, you will have the results of the first months that you can work with.

With these figures Magda corrects its sales prognosis for the remainder of the year. Now their sales forecasts are in full swing. Just make your own plans. Editorial Note: This is an extract from the As You Go Business Plans, published here with approval from Entrepreneur Press, the editors.

It' s here today because this weekend, in honour of the National Restaurants Association exhibition in Chicago, we' re concentrating on the catering industry. Quotes, average:

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