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Excel table for the sales prospectus

A lot of new companies do their prospecting with Excel spreadsheets to manage leads. However, there comes a time when a sales tool is needed to keep up with demand. Search with Excel: Substitute your spread sheets. Recently we discussed how Excel is reaching its limits and showed you some advantages and disadvantages of the good old spreadsheet when searching with Excel. Today, however, we would like to show you why you should no longer use the Excel table for prospecting and why you should switch to an integral on-line table.

All of us are acquainted with the fundamental and neat Excel spreadsheet design and have used it with confidence several times.

However, when it comes to a supporting utility that should be used by salespeople on a day-to-day base, it' s over. Excel spreadsheets are simple to setup and maintain, which is why so many small companies are interested. Many salespeople work with Excel spreadsheets, especially when they go into Kaltakquise modus, as they can phone down the lists.

As soon as the telephone conversations are over and some interested parties have shown interest in the facility, there is no way to move the unsub to a more efficient instrument with reminiscences, sales moves or even convenient comments logs. If there is no leadership tools, it is hard to keep an overview of the individuals you are calling or even plan follow-up actions.

That is the boundary of the Excel table. Too complicated, the tooling requires a lot of input and wasted information before the salesperson can work. Salespeople need an on-line table that allows them to call their potential customers, comment and provide other important information, and have a more efficient toolset if they are true leaders, but all in one place.

This is possible in alCRM. You can work directly on your spreadsheet and turn your potential customers into leaders with just one click. As soon as a leader is generated, you can keep an eye on its progress, make remarks, make follow-ups and schedule your next activity memories, all of which are synchronised with your schedule to keep an eye on your tasks every workday.

An Excel spreadsheet gives you a simple overview of your work. As a matter of fact, it only shows you your pure dates without analysis or any kind of insight that sales managers could use to evaluate their sales strategy. This is because it was never conceived to be more than a spreadsheet.

It cannot, however, be used in a commercial setting and will still fall through if not used properly. A fully built-in, easy-to-use and up-to-date listing of prospectors. Allows you to track activity for any unskilled potential customer and even make phone call from these schedules. Do you want to see for yourself how uncomplicated it is to work with a spreadsheet? We would like to welcome you to visit our website and test our services free of charge.

They will be part of over 8,000 sales executives and midsize companies who have already improved their performances without altering their way of working.

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