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To create your price quotation, use a quotation template. You can use this free quote template to tell your potential customers how you can help them and how much it can cost them. Get a free quote template for Excel. In particular, this applies to those concerning the sale. Clearly and concisely present your product sales offering to customers with this accessible template that contains all the information you need to communicate.

Quotation Template

An offer to sell, a quotation for sale, or a service offer can be a legal arrangement between a supplier and a consumer to supply goods and/or a service at a pre-defined retail cost. If the offer is received by the client, the offer is usually transformed into an Invoice. For a simple yet professionally-sound way to quote a product, please feel free to browse and click here to get our free quote template.

The simplest way to make an offer template for your company is to begin with a suitable bill template. Thus, for example, the first offer template on this page was generated from our free bill template. Our second one is based on our bill. Some of the most important discrepancies between an offer and an invoice are described below.

So if you need a more specialized file such as a quotation for the sales of goods or a quote for services on an hourly basis, you can simply upload the sales bill or services bill and make a few small changes to transform it into a quote template. Excel 2007+ is very similar:: This free quote template is almost exactly the same as our free billing template, with just a few small changes.

Following points explains the differences between the offer template and the bill template: A number of tags have been modified from "invoice" to "offer". We have added a sample line "New customers discount" that shows how you can add rebates to your quote. Amended the Comment section to a General Conditions section where the consumer has the opportunity to sign up to the offer.

When you want to give your client a quote that is not a legally binding agreement, you can try our quote template: This quote template is predicated on the invoicing and quote design and is generic enough to be used by many kinds of services companies.

With the exception of the following 5 points, a quotation is almost identical to an invoice: An offer should contain an "Expiration Date" or "Valid To Date" after which the offer is no longer effective (i.e. the seller is not tied to the pricing offered after that date).

Offer #: Dependent on your offer and your billing system, the offer # and the associated bill # may end up being the same. However, on the offer you should mark it with "offer #" so as not to confuse the client that the offer is an account. Ready by: Your client will want to know who to turn to if they have any queries.

In contrast to an invoice, which is an account for a sales that has already taken place, a quotation is a sales closing instrument. Do you want your client to know that he has a genuine individual he can reach? There is a box "Prepared by:" below the adress and/or you can use the comments at the bottom of the template.

To convert a sales receipt into a quotation, use the Seller fields that created the quotation. You can do this in the billing text (below the article description) or in a seperate section "General Business Conditions". Client signature: An offer often has a place for the client to subscribe his name to indicate his acceptation of the offer, but not always.

Usually, companies send their clients an offer by e-mail and then ask for an advice of rejection by e-mail. Higher the rate, the more likely it is that a petition will or should be signed. Rebates for new clients are a popular way to get a new prospect to buy from you.

You can have your customers request quotations from several companies, so your "new account discount" may be what makes the deal. If you want to incorporate rebates, enter the name of the rebate in a different row and enter a minus one. It is also possible to indicate in an e-mail that you are granting the consumer an extra rebate of $XX if they accepts your offer by [date].

Publics like rebates, and providing a rebate to a consumer if he accepts your offer at 7 businessdays may encourage him to choose your business instead of just waiting for an indefinite period of time or continue to receive offers from other companies. Nowadays, when it comes to pricing offers, most interaction takes place via e-mail by providing the consumer with a PDF of the offer.

It is not advisable to provide your client with the Excel document that you use to generate the quotation, especially if you also save a client listing or pricing to it. Today, there are great on-line sales quotation and invoice management tools, but if you only need to submit occasional quotations, a basic Excel sheet should do.

Follow your pricing offers and make custom offer submissions for certain customers just as you can for invoices: read our billing articles.

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