Sales Register Template


Template for sales register and example for use with your manual accounting system. You can download the GST Sales Register to keep records of sales made under the GST scheme in a given month. There are separate sheets for sales and purchasing.

Template for sales register and example

Sales registers register sales and return to all company clients. It is about recording in an accounting system all the sales that have been made with all your beautiful clients, whether in money or on invoice. It also displays all credit memos given to shoppers who have turned in their purchase.

This is a self-contained example showing various bar sales and invoice shopping clients. In the above example, you will notice that all sales are shown in the order: Ref. number. You can see at a single glance how much turnover you have achieved by continually adding or subtracting the balances gap.

You can see in the above example that the sales from 15.04. to 15.04. were as follows You can set subtotals between the individual months to see the overall sales per months if you wish. It is not necessary to put many particulars on this dataset, because you will want to prevent "double handling" and "waste of time" by repetition of entering sales particulars, if you can get this information just by finding the copy of the bill in your billing book.

The page that shows all bills and credit notes in an automatic accounting system may not be referred to as a sales register, but has a different name than "sale". The accounting program will probably also allow you to sort sales in the order of customers' names or even in the order of sales amounts, where you can choose to display sales from the highest amount going down the page to the smallest amount.

Being able to "sort" sales provides a goldmine of information that can help you see, for example, who your best clients are or which point of sales earns more than another (if you have different points of sales); having this type of information available will help you with your own market strategy; defining receivables, which includes a debtor tracing sheet and a sales book.

This is a free sales register for you - the first is a PDF and the second is an MS Word spreadsheet. Using the template in MS Word, you can "sort" the information, such as summarizing all sales to a client, displaying the highest total sales at the top of the page, and so on.

It can be placed in the front of your sales invoice binder for ease of reference so that it can be periodically up-dated. You can also save the spreadsheet together with your sales invoice in the go hard drive (go paperless).

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