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Pivot table allows you to summarize data as averages, totals, or counts in Excel from data stored in another spreadsheet or table. Generate a sales report in Excel:

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Here is a listing of the key figures and phrases we discuss in this binder, along with a description of why they are important: This key figure represents the mean of your initial and final work. Gives you an estimation of the mean stock volume for a given reporting year. The COGS is the sum of all expenses associated with the production of goods for sale.

That is your overall sales (corresponds to the overall sales) minus the expenses of the goods you sell. It' s about how much you earn when you deduct the expenses for the creation and sale of your work. Known also as warehouse turnaround, the frequency of warehouse turnaround is the number of sales or use of stocks in a given timeframe.

For the most part, the higher the turnover rate, the better it is for your shop, because it means that you tend to keep a large number of goods on sale without having too muchtock. This is the percent of sales in relation to the number of sales available. That is, the amount of available stocks that you have on piece of stock that differs from the amount you have on piece of land.

It is a stock decrease that is not due to legal sales. It is the value of the stock loss divided by the sales in the same timeframe. A National Retail Federation poll found that the mean decline in inventories as a percent of sales in 2015 was 1.38%. Total operating income (gross profit) refers to sales less the costs of goods sold. Other operating income (gross profit) is calculated using the percentage-of-completion method.

This is the amount of money you take home with you when the cost of manufacturing and reselling the goods is subtracted. Mean shopping cart value (also known as mean transactions value) gives you information about your store's mean consumer spending.

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