Sales Tips

Selling tips

Gain instant insight into sales calls, prospectuses, emails, closings, and more. Decelerate to speed up your sales. Don't ever go into a sales talk without knowing how you're going to close the sale. This sales tip will help you send better emails and make more successful calls (supported by research).

There are 9 sales tips from Dale Carnegie

And what can the small businessman of today learnt from Dale Carnegie, a man who was brought up in 1888 and passed away in 1955? Very much if you believe the many businessmen from MBA college graduates to Fortune 500EOs who are still reading his most popular books, How to Win Friends and Influence People.

See, Carnegie knew how to make a sale. After graduating, he quickly became the nation's top performer sales representative for his employers Armour & Co. "Within two month you can find more acquaintances by taking an interest in other human beings than within two years by trying to take an interest in other human beings," he commented.

There are nine sales tips here basing on the Carnegie principle described in the guide. Client and client want to listen to what you have to say, but they want you to listen to what they have to say first. As a sales representative, how can you know what your customer needs if you don't give them the opportunity to tell you?

Carnegie quoted Harry A. Overstreet as the author of this notion. In Overstreet' s words:'The actions we take come from what we basically want. "If you own a lure shop, you realize that buyers don't want overnight crawling animals; they want to catch a fish. Get to know the name of your staff, clients and prospective clients as they move into your field of work.

It seems almost "self-evident", but far too many sellers, perhaps in their eagerness, argue with a client who shows opposition or says he or she may like another make. As Carnegie said, "The only way to get the most out of an argument would be to prevent it.

If at any time in a sales deal or pitch you find that you have made a mistake, do not apologize. Tell him you're sorry and do it vigorously, Carnegie said. Hint 7: Let your clients buy from you. Generally, humans don't like being asked what to do or buy.

Providing information and being useful, but letting clients make the decisions. They do this by asking and directing question and answer until clients realise that your products or services are the solutions they were looking for. Hint 8: Ask what kind of clients are in it. If you are talking about your products, you should formulate them in such a way that they suit the interests of your clients.

They may have the largest, quickest and most dependable products on the shelves, but if consumers don't see how it works for them, they won't sell. Don't be shy to show a little as long as it is sincere and doesn't deceive you. Carnegie, for example, recounts the tale of a cashier who was telling a food retailer that the cashiers his shop used were so old that he threw away a lot of dough.

The seller dropped a fistful of coin on the ground. In the end, a sales deal is a discussion between two persons - in private, on the telephone or on-line. Somebody wants to buy, somebody wants to buy, somebody wants to buy. Talk is the gateway that makes everything possible.

Carnegie Dale said the mystery of our triumph was our interest in other human beings.

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