Sales Tracker Template

Tracker Template

In order to help you, Microsoft Excel has a fantastic online sales tracker template for Excel that you can use to monitor your sales. You can use our printable sales tracking templates to track your daily and monthly sales. You can download the Sales Tracking template for Excel and PDF.

Sales Tracker Template for Excel Online

No matter whether you are planning to sell your possessions for a farm or start a company, it is important to keep an eye on your sales and income to ensure that everything is taken into account. Owning a sales tracker is an important part of any company that sells a product or service, because it will show you how well you sell and how much you earn with your sales activities.

In order to help you, Microsoft Excel has a great online sales tracker template for Excel that lets you track your sales anywhere, at any time via your smart phone and other equipment. The reason is that the template is in Excel Online, which only needs you to log in to your OneDrive accounts to use it.

This is where you can edit, refresh, change, erase, or just display different elements in the tracker. There are two parts to the Online Sales Tracker template: one for the Gantt Chart and Circle Diagram, and one for the spreadsheet in which you enter your information. When you enter information, the spreadsheet is associated with the charts and is updated whenever you enter information.

Color headings provide guidance on what to enter, such as article name, costs per article, surcharge, sales totals, revenues totals, delivery charges, delivery charges, profit per article, return, and overall earnings. The top part displays the product gain per line position in a Gantt chart.

Here you can see what your most profitable article is and how much each article earns your enterprise. You can also use this template to generate finance forecasts, as well as annual reports and budgets.

Specification of products

Product Sales Tracker is just the thing to help you see how well each of your product works. Just sign up for your sales every single monthly and the template provides a clear overview of your sales in units and dollars. Practical circle diagrams are also available for a graphical display of which product and category make up the bulk of your organization.

Up to 20 different catagories and 20 different items can be stored in each of them. Just build your own catagory and listing and use the convenient PLUS, MINUS, UP and DOWN keys to insert, delete or move lines as needed. Regularly track your sales activities. You can do this as often as you want, but at least once a year.

There' s a handy drop-down list where you can choose the item that goes with each one. Your chosen products will be filled in according to their categories. Sales unit summary and sales dollar summary are updated continuously on the basis of your sales history records. This summary is a fast and easily understandable report of your sales by products, monthly.

There is also an overall and mean value calculated annually so you can quickly see how each of the categories and products compare to the others. Each overview sheet has a cake diagram that shows you how much each class contributes to the sum. It is also possible to choose a certain categorie to break down further.

It will then be updated to show you how much each item is representing in its overall categories.

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