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Outstanding 35+ examples of the striking WordPress theme in motion Alongside Avada and X-Theme, Salient (by ThemeNectar) is one of the most beloved WordPress topics - with currently well over 39,000 copies sold on ThemeForest! Salient, like many of its competitors, is another multi-purpose theme, with a number of different layouts/templates, an integrated page Builder and many other functions that allow it to be used for a multitude of different websites: from face-to-face blog ging and portfolio to agency, one-sided display cases to e-commerce shops.

When you' re considering using Salient for one of your own project-or for prospective customer work-take a look at some of the following stunning real-world experiences. Would you like to create your own website with Salient? Do you know any other beautiful samples of livesites that use ThemeNectar's Salient WordPress theme?

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Seven amazing examples of striking theme-based websites

The Salient is one of the 10 best-selling topics of all times, designed by an iconic ThemeNectar writer. The theme, first introduced in April 2013, was a major leap forward in the field of aesthetics and led to a number of later imitations. Since then, Salient has gathered more than 60,000 satisfied visitors and developed into a fully-fledged website builder that preserves and updates its distinctive look and feel.

Let us recall the first response of our staff when they saw Salient for the first time: These boys now know exactly how to make! When we opened it, we saw a neat, fairly effective piece of coding that further enhances our esteem for the makers of the theme. The Salient is extremely minimalistic, but not exaggerated; this makes it possible to produce clear and neat web sites that still maintain their own unique character.

While the main theme has been stifled - packed with feature and setting packs, the most important enhancements of recent years have been the in-house template ing system, which adds to the current Drag-and-Drop Capture Building System (already default for high-end WP themes) by enabling the easy and fast use of whole predefined page sets or even whole layout.

We are very pleased that the ThemeNectar staff has done such an excellent work in supporting the article in a prompt and kind manner. Instead of overwhelming you with a dozen or so Salient-based sites, we'll take a look at 7 remarkable practical hands-on experiences in the field selected by our research and engineering team: Senz, the creator of the orginal parachute with the easy recognisable inclination, uses Salient for their website.

Using the WooCommerce interoperability of the theme extensively, it creates and manages a sophisticated on-line store. A special note is the slide control on the title page: It offers both nice statically designed picture background as well as motion graphics and integrated text element animation to increase dynamics. Together with the theme's visually integrated CMS constructor, the title page itself is divided into several blocs that range from production screens to broad call to action areas and are anything but tedious.

Using the Easy Digital Downloads plug-in eco-system, Sabina offers her Design Garden customers on-line classes that blend well with Salient's design. Sabina's website is packed with beautiful artwork; the theme doesn't get in the way, lets the writer show off her talent and offers a minimalistic feel from navigating to blogging.

For over a ten year period, this perennial cultural events brings the young Toronto community to life and its singular character has been successfully caught by the website's styling. With primary colours (red, opaque, white), contrast features, fat typeface and large features, the site gives a sense of genuineness and free speech.

Manifesto issues of the past years are also definitely a worthwhile look at the top menus, all these pages are also designed with Salient's own creative work. Austin, TX, web designer and developer's agency's ambition is mirrored in its powerful name. At Salient, we readily provide the necessary elements: large, simple typefaces; colorful, oversized segments; lots of room for images.

It' a great example of Salient's full-screen headers in action: as we enter the site, we dive into an epic videotape presenting the franchise. Part of the site consists of a series of pieces by composers designed to create a vibrant and colorful atmosphere. When you start to get the feeling that Salient is only suitable for design-oriented websites, think again.

Here at Salient, our expertise is invaluable, and our expertise successfully assists in highlighting the right things. This website incorporates a variety of plug-ins, among them a customer-oriented online chats that works perfectly with the topic. The StorNext website has been specially designed for its mother site,, and shows how easy it is to customize outstanding shapes and curves for all your designs.

Salient had to provide a website with a large and complex layout that was easy to use with the integrated MegaMenus. Visually, the theme matches the company's corporate identity perfectly: a pioneering producer of state-of-the-art electronics. We would like to highlight the various pages of the product: there is an example of Salient's customized graphical user interface in all its splendour; paralyzed pictures, subtile motion graphics, specifications and FAQ areas - all combined in professional-looking and practical work.

Gravual, a small designer shop located in Antwerp, Belgium, is one of our favourite products. All of this exudes a minimalist and stylish look and scale particularly well on phone monitors thanks to Salient intelligent grid technology. A good example of Salient's one-page capabilities: the whole site is basically presented on the front page, with individual parts going as needed.

It is also available in Dutch and shows the theme in several languages. Build a website on Salient or know other notable instances?

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