Salient Wordpress Theme

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Outstanding is an admirable, clear design with a fresh approach to the ever-changing web. change logs WPBakery line self-hosted WPBakery line set embedded wallpaper when using line style "Full Background" New Headader Layout: "Centred Menu Bottom Bar" New animated headers effect specifically available for the "Centred Menu Bottom Bar" named "Compress Headers when Scrolling" "General WordPress Pages" that includes the following tab: Social Sharing Style "Fixed to Bottom Right Of Screen" WooCommerce Style WooCommerce Page Builders in " WooCommerce product " Page Builders in " Pagination ", " Orderby ", " Order " option to drop individual page scroll functions on the " Material " skinslide from the right hand side cancer menu.

2 new demos available for imports - "eCommerce Ultimate" & "eCommerce Creative" Refreshed "Google Map" page building block to the "Interactive Map" item and added a new mapping item style (folder). WooCommerce Single Product Gallery features upgraded to " Gallery slidder with zoom on Hover " and name change to " Bottom aligned thumbnails Alt " font fantastic clash with Divs using classnames with "fa-".

Visual Composer has been upgraded to incorporate the correction of tarymce line break. To fix this error and assure WP 4. 9/Firefox Quantum compliance, you will need to upgrade your Salient VC in the Plugin section once you have upgraded the design. Simply refreshing the design alone will not use the fix.

New Flickity rotary elementscript added Solved problem where the WP alert "Are you sure you want to do this? "Appears when you create new pages and use the "Automatically apply new top-level pages to this menu" checkbox. Salient Studio - A user-defined section in Salient Visuual Composer (make sure you have upgraded to the latest Salient VC, which is now 5.0).

Located in the template area of the Visual composer, there are over 150 layouts we have exclusively designed for Salient. Enabled to specify the user-defined maximum width of the text box. Picture comparator added (movable slide control to adjust the picture comparisons of two pictures suitable for before/after or uncovering etc.).

Corrected credential slide control to allow the use of the Fix Heat setting to allow Fix Childs Theme conflicts: Corrected a problem that enabled WooCommerce products captions to overwrite overlapping symbols when the caption was long. Nectar pusher added - the functions include: New Home Layouts Added to My Computer Files - "Home Ultra Extended" Remote slide control arrows text "left" & "right" Create your own High Definition movie that documents these great new functions!

Corrected the issue of overflowing 4-column text to "Watch Video" via contact card contact card option and adding additional content to your contact card.

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