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The next generation is a topic geared to success. See the best hand-picked examples of this premium WordPress theme in action. What do you want to make a Wordpress theme for? Avaliable in Minimal WordPress Themes, it is a flexible theme along with unconventional designs and creative formats. Demo-files contain ( XML) Translation-Ready.

po/.mo-files contain.

Import Demo Content - Excellent Dokumentation

With Salient, you can easily customize any of the demonstrations with one click from the Topic Properties pane. Every imported file contains the demo pages as well as the current theme setting. Please note: The more pictures a demo imported, the longer the duration of the imported time. Each demo added in v8.0 and later contains a full suite of example pictures and can last up to one min.

For this reason, if your demo cannot be imported, it is most likely because your servers PHP preference is too low for maximum execution time. max execution time can usually be adjusted to 40 seconds to avoid servers lockup not responding. When your demo load after a short load failure, you must increment it to at least 100 seconds to finish the load.

In the folder _importer you will find a folder for each available demo. In order to be able to import a demo and make it look exactly like it does on ThemeForest, both the content.xml (WordPress pages) and the theme-options.txt (demo styling) must be imported. Choose administrator from the drop-down menu or whatever your user name is and tick the Download and import/download attachments option.

WordPress - a multi-purpose theme for creativity

Salient is a great theme that is targeted at creating web sites with a variety of home page choices that allow you to build a commercial page, a product line, an e-commerce store, a one-page landing site, and more. So far it has sells 35,000 times, making it one of the most loved topics on the site that appears on its favorite page.

Page Builder capabilities include a custom Visual Composer release, a custom Option pane, and a copy of the Nectar slide bar. If we just look at the theme demonstrations, this is a really nice theme, so let's take a look behind the curtains and see how it works. There are many choices in this topic that should allow you to build very individual web sites, here is an overview of all the important features:

Salient's Primary zipped files include a copy of the theme + a sub-theme that allows you to make changes as needed, 6 folder with temporary dummies for different kinds of demo pages, and a PDF document as well. As soon as you have activated the design, there are some plug-in suggestions for installing Salient Visual Composer, WooCommerce and Contact Form 7.

Once the theme has been activated, you should add two new pages, one for the homepage and one for the blogs page - you can name and post them any way you want. When you want to use one of the demo pages as a start point, you can now load the demo contents.

Then you should use the WordPress importer plug-in to insert the other XLM files that creates the articles and pages.

She has added some new home page and blogs option that you can select under Preferences > Read, based on the topic demo you are importing. Sorry, the demo files don't contain the pictures, so you have to create your own, because the pictures are all empty wildcards.

Here, you can begin to better tailor the design to your needs, so you should go to the "Outstanding" option, which includes the "Topic options" field, where you can specify your site wide range of choices. In the " General " preferences you can select a design skins, favoricon up-load, back to the top buttons, reactivity on or off and so on.

Select some global highlight colours for your website and some additional colour choices for things like button and icon: There' a very extensive typography section where you can activate Google type and specify type styles for all the site items, plus sizes, line height, distance, and so on.

Below the headers settings, you can select from 3 different headers lieouts, a text or picture icon, a Retina icon, and many other settings for sizes, colors, and font styles. They also have page footing, Portfolio and Blogs page spacing choices, so you can customize the page spacing and many other choices for each one.

When you upload one of the pages generated by the importing company, you see Visual Composer in operation - you can insert, remove or modify the available parts, or move them by dragging and dropping to reorder them. When you click the "+" icon at the top of Visual Composer, a dialog opens with many items that you can include in your page.

It can also be used to insert new lines, separators, text boxes, etc. so you can customize the page to make any desired layouts. Below the Visual Composer area, each page has its own customized preferences that allow you to better customize the page to your needs. It contains 6 demo pages that you can easily customize, here's what they look like:

Creative Blog: eCommerce: This theme or plug-in consists of two parts: a text files licence according to the licence acquired from Envato. This means that the theme or plug-in consists of two parts. It is a very sophisticated topic - I really enjoy the theme itself, it is very fashionable and should allow you to build some nice web pages as you can see from the demo pages above.

There is a good composition of the frontend, the option panels contain a large number of preferences, so you can customize most aspect of the site that you don't have to change much, if anything, by manual using customized style sheet codes. You also need the import/export system because it depends on Visual Composer to build the page layout, which would make it difficult to manually setup all of them because this plug-in is based on shortcuts.

Sadly, due to this fact, you will see the "lock-in" theme, which means that if you switch to another theme, all your user-defined pages will be wasted.

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