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Unpack the download and upload the list of topics /salient/. The Salient is a versatile WordPress theme suitable for many applications. Superb case management - responsive multi-purpose issue Another frequent problem that can arise for new WordPress theme installation adopters is the "Broken theme and/or style sheets missing" alert that appears when they attempt to load or enable the theme. However, this does not mean that the design you bought is defective, only that it was wrongly submitted.

Answers the buyer's question and provides restricted technical assistance through its own technical assistance system. Article assistance includes: Article assistance is not included:

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ThemeNectar Support Forum - Welcome! Typical waiting time: We try to respond to ticket requests within one working days, but the waiting period may be slightly longer according to the workload. Please make sure before you post that your theme is up to date. Their plug-ins are up to date & they have been tried and trusted to make sure that a plug-in problem is not the cause of your problem.

In fact, Ifa plug-in causes your problem, specify the name of the plug-in in the ticketing.


Outstanding is an amazing, clear styling with a refreshing touch for the ever-changing web. Incorporated into the advanced GANTRETE 5 Theme Frameworks, it is endlessly adaptable, unbelievably efficient and amazingly easy to use. ATTENTION: The Gantry v5.1.2+ is necessary for Salient to function properly. Please refer to the Committed Website for more information about the Gateways Frameworks.

In WordPress, Timber is also needed so that the Gantry Framework branch can be imported from WordPress. Gantry 5 Layout Managers have a simple pull & pull feature and provide a simple way to configure position and particle configuration. Salient's predefined preset files appear on the Styles page so you can view, personalize, and use them as a thumbnail.

You will also find a selection of custom styles, such as text and backgrounds for the different parts that allow you to easily change them. Fast response layouts adapt to the width of the viewer, e.g. for portable devices, tablets or desktops. Portable modi have a uniquely designed menus to increase ease of use.

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