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ThemeNectar Support Forum - Welcome! Click here to access support for individual products. Open a support ticket on our new support page. Learn more in our Salient WordPress Topic Review. At Salient there is also some support for the WordPress Customizer tool.

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When you buy a Merchandise, we store information that enables us to contact you for the purpose of performing upgrades to the Merchandise. There is no e-mail mailing lists. If you would like to subscribe to our mailing lists, please go to our homepage where you will see an opt-in - we are sending about two e-mails a month to inform you about our products being updated, you can cancel our mailing at any time by using the cancellation option at the end of each e-mail.

The Salient is a versatile WordPress theme suitable for many different uses.

The Salient is a versatile WordPress theme suitable for many different uses. Can also help simplify the adaptation effort by offering a useful thematic choice pane. Ensure that the main theme is enabled by going to the Look -> Topics page. Activate the Use the translator editor checkbox in the How to translate post and pages section and click Save.

This leitmotif is supplied together with Visual Composer. For a step-by-step guide to translating Visual Composer created text, please see our document page. Otherwise, the contribution is displayed in the standard currency. This allows the user to easily view the initial source text when no translations are available without duplicating the same.

In order to set the transmission method for each contribution category, please proceed as described below: Browse down to Postal translations. Choose the options Can be translated - Use translations, if available, or Use the source text for the selected postal service categories. In order to compile portfolio or user-defined Mail item translations, you must perform the same operations as when you compile all other kinds of pages.

A step-by-step guide to self-translating the content is available on the document page. Portfoliocategories can be updated on the translator's monitor during the process of page translations. There you can compile both the portfolio items and your portfolio categories. Press the "+" symbol to select a linguistic type to add, and use the dialogue window that will appear to add the text.

The most frequent samples are topics and plug-ins. In order to find out how to get these translations done, please refer to our String Translations page. You can find further information in our menu translator guide. The conspicuous theme is associated with the nectar slide control. In order to compile the slide(s), please proceed as described below: You reach the Translations Editor.

Insert the text you have just finished translation, select Full text for each box, and then click Save and Close. Copy from Originals while compiling the slide bar positions. Click the "+" symbol to compile the slide bar page. On the page, translates the text items and marks them as fully completed.

You can use the Copy from Origin button to translate the slide control short key. In our forums we have supporter who are willing to help you six day a weeks. When you work with a website development company, please use our website support forums to get help to translate the contents of your website.

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