Sample Blog Templates

Example Blog Templates

More 50 nice Blogger templates Enough to see the 16 standard templates Blogger offers? Driving to look for some of the different looking blogger templates, we found tens of beautiful designs, many of which were based on Wordpress and other blog host topics. Bottom is a listing of some selected 2.3 and 4-column blogger templates and topics from across the entire blogosphere.

Andrea02 - Many tabulator leftovers above the headline. Display the descriptions of each tabs currently selected in the headers. Headers are prepared to be customized with your own image. The Agua - A minimalist, neat design for a purely whitish look. Caja - A blog little in a headers that looks like the blogger little bar, and five multicolored background menus that take the place of the classic blog first.

This can be described as hard metal/rock styles - gloomy and gloomy. eclipse - Another obscure subject reminiscent of a werewolf. A charming model for the obscure soul. Imire - Nice colour scheme, but I wish there was more width for the mail and the side bar.

An attractive pattern - tempting and pleasant for the eye. Integrated - The most eye-catching detail on this artwork is the round head and the ecru and sky-blue colour combinations. iPhone - An intricate Wordpress topic transformed into Blogger. Probably the large headers icon could be used better.

C2 - A favorite Wordpress topic that has been clustered for bloggers. MiniXyx - A pattern that looks like an invitee. Excellent use of headline area. Mussh-blue - eye-catching headline colour and matches the black backdrop well. Rot-Weiss Web 2. 0 - The keys are beautiful. Colour combinations are good.

It'?s a pattern that matches her name. P08 - A colored object in blues on a deeper backdrop in blues - you thought it might not work? Vertikal - As the name implies, it is a vertical, neat pattern. Maybe you should add a bit more coding and make better use of the place under the blog name.

2. 0 - A monochrome pattern with a hint of light blues on the blog emblem and RSSeed. Andrew4 - Another beloved Adobe Dream templates from Andrew for Blogger clones. You can use the stencil as a naked skeleton for adjustment. Fall grass - I like the colour combinations and the vertically left menus in the headline.

Lovely Red Apple - Another lovely Word-press topic that has been transformed into a Blogger artwork has a wide framework of nine 40px, plenty of room and customisation options. Elegant Cleaner - Here's one for all Photoshop enthusiasts, although we could do without the Ad Sense advertising stall, which corrupts the whole point of the original.

Columns - The unique styling of this topic differs from the remainder of the templates in this listing. Pretty and clear. A beautiful subject that somehow reminded us of the Adams family. The Erudite - A decent three-column blogger artwork with the head in full blacks and the RSS symbol in bright oranges that gels well.

Liquid resolution - Another stylish monochrome look. New Blogger Submission - A new looking (it really is) ecru and cyan submission. Girlande - Drupal's standard look has been duplicated to Blogger. If Hellboy or Flash wanted to blog Gordon, this is a site they might like. For many years a favourite of many Blogger, which was portiert on Blogger clean.

Excellent use of the available room and a lovely colourbination. Hemingway -A Pretty Black Present - One col for the pole corpus and three columns in the bottom row. illumacrimo - A lovely blogger blogger' blog from the wordpress word topic illumacrimo, although I think there should be a way to use more room currently occupied by the date indicator on the right side of the monitor.

Inforativo - A similar to the Columnas templates above, but with the headers, for the less conventional blogger who wants to stay with the game. Similarly 1. 1 - A neat blank style sheet with one entry columns and three footers on a solid backdrop. Magazine Style - A beautiful style if you have lots of information and Widgets that you can show in the foreground.

Minimalista- Another great Wordpress to Blogger portage. Minnyx 2. 0 - A great pattern without images; good use of available disk capacity. Rose Flowers - A sleek and easy pattern with a picture of how you imagined it, a rose one. If you' re considering using this for another topic blog, don't let the topic of pizzas stop you.

Very adaptable pattern. An unambiguous feature in this pattern is the head, which is split into two parts. While you can see your blog emblem or little ticker on the top of the page, you can use the other option for anything you want. Per - A different-looking look and feel field, menus above the blog heading and graded headers in a graded backdrop make this pattern truly stunning.

The Puerto - Somehow this pattern makes the mailpiece look great and magnificent. New - A 3-column style sheet that is reloaded in parts for quicker read and surf. Zero - Somehow this one seems to best match a music/gaming topic.

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