Sample Blog website

Example of a Blog Website

With Blogger you can do some astonishing things. Editor's note: We asked David Kutcher, an innovator web designer from Northampton MA, to contribute to a blog entry using Blogger to build rugged, attractive and easy-to-use web sites for his customers. Own Confluent Forms LLC, a graphics art and customized web-based engineering company located in Northampton, MA.

Our speciality is to create beautiful and appealing web sites with individual web site contents managementsystems. No matter how nosy it may seem, we've found that Blogger can be a great web developer tool when a customized CMS is not needed. The Blogger offers our customers a lot of features and free designs, not only for blogging!

"What? the use of blog application for a website?" And I think most people don't recognize the value and versatility Blogger provides, such as free web hosting, full customization, custom domains option, WYSIWYG and more. Since Blogger is a Google service, you can also seamlessly add it to other Google features, such as

Blogger, as a web developer, offers us another promise of performance. Imagining the power of a blog out of a long line of functions can be difficult, so here are some samples of what we've accomplished with Blogger. Hopefully the above samples have opened your eye to some of the ways you can do with your Blogger website, or maybe encouraged you to give Blogger a try for your website-solving.

For a longer, more detailed view of this article, please visit our blog. But even if you're not able to build a completely new page style, it might still be encouraging to research the basic coding of your website and adapt some of the small detail to your website visions.

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