Sample Mobile Websites

Examples of mobile websites

Bonobos simplifies the navigation to a simple hamburger menu icon on the left side and a shopping cart on the right side. 14 Best Practices for Responsive Design There is a good explanation why Response Web Designs (RWD) is currently the knee of the bees. UX embodies everything that UX is - from easy-to-use navigational features, simplified and useful designs, adaptable alignment and resolutions to lightning-fast load times. It is a UX designer item that is unbelievably far-reaching and includes a wide range of different kinds of websites in many different sectors.

Greater dangers eliminates all antimobile dangers by holding its mobile versions fairly minimum. Bonobos makes it easy to navigate to a basic Hamburg menus symbol on the phone's screen on the far right and a basket on the right. This website keeps the same look and the same details as the initial website, but with the comfort and haptics of Mobile.

Seriously, however, this page transforms your setup from a lattice to a rotating one with butter-soft animated csss that work with strokes or touching. Straightforward and superspeed, both the genuine site and the mobile site with their RWD.... and their connections provide velocity and styling. Simplified scroll page contains easy-to-understand symbols with user-friendly large scale touches and of course a large colour gamut.

The MRY is design-oriented with pallax scrolls, motion and vibrant colours. A mobile website reflects this feeling, but with a navigation symbol that widens and a roll key that leads the user to their case study. Pioneering the field of reactive designs, his clear typography is obvious in both ways, making it easier to navigate and use.'s mobile edition adapts to the mobile devices sizes and resolutions, making it an example of RWD. Reactive web site in a weblog entry about reactive web site designs? This mobile model is as eye-catching and feature-rich as the originals. Quickly and effectively, with intelligent viewing and browsing, Matchable delivers your message to your audiences.

Using Starbucks' classic grids approach, they created a stylish, highly featured mobile website that included a convenient storefront location. To break down your navigational system to a mobile scale is not as simple as exchanging it for a Hamburg based symbol. The World Wildlife Fund's transports its two largest navigable TAs to anybody.

Also, consider how they handle the mobile slide valve function - a very easy one. We' re trying to get in touch with our reader and keep our list short (after all, we know you have other things planned), so we' re going to finish it here.

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