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Here is the best promotional email we got in 2016. The prospectus is unbelievably tricky. When you have a manager-level or higher track, you are probably flooded with a flow of e-mails and InMail from business-to-business salespeople trying to close deal. Let us be frank, none of us has enough elapsed between reading them all, let alone responding. Only 29% of e-mails for sale are ever opened, according to a TOPO study.

So, if you want to have your e-mails reread, you can't just write the same non-personal letters to thousands of people and wait for results. No more spraying and praying e-mails for sale! When you want potential customers to reply, you need to research your potential customer and then customize your advertising to that customer.

I' m getting a bunch of sellers who e-mail me every single night. Most of the e-mails I get are terrible. However, from time to time I am nicely amazed by a great, personalised email for selling. I unveiled last year the amazing email I got from Uberflip's Adam Brophy. I thought I would continue the traditions this year by unveiling the best selling e-mails I got in 2016.

This year' s best email I ever got was from Kevin Yang, Visually Executive Vice President of Sales. Jesse, I just download and reviewed your e-book "The Ultimate Sale Cheat Sheets for B2B Discovery Calls" - that definitely save me a great deal of preparation before a sale!

You have e-books for your corporate visuals, I know, but do you have a plan to convert one of those e-books into info graphics, embedded media, and more? Thank you, here are the reason why Kevin's email worked, plus implementable takesaways that let you turn your own retail email into a big screen snippet.

Directly from Kevin's reference I knew I wasn't prepared for a dull formalization. I knew before I even started scanning the email that the originator A) knew my name and B) had seen an eBook I wrote. Funny fact about marketing specialists: We like it when folks actually reread what we do.

Yours is the most important part of your selling email. Take the moment to personalise it, arouse the interest of your customers and get them to click on it. Normally, I suggest that at least 30% of your email efforts should be incorporated into the design of the email body. Enter your person's name and/or business name in the reference line to let them know that you are not an unsuspecting spamming bot.

I liked him from the first line of Kevin's e-mail. He' d been downloading my contents and actually reading them. It started by talking to me instead of just going into a sale, and that's a long way. Start by talking to your potential customer and not yourself or your products. Kevin, however, provided special reuse related service for contents I had already made.

I' m always happy to ask a query in a sale email. Think it increases the likelihood that potential customers will react. One of my pets, however, is when sellers ask more than one query in a sell email. Put a query and make sure the query you are asking is urgent enough to get an answer.

Kevin's e-mail was awesome. When you want to enter new territory in 2017, take a tip from Kevin Yang and stand up for these sale e-mails! You can get our free e-book here for further personalisation hints from top distribution specialists.

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