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Vend's Excel Inventory Table includes formulas for calculating key inventory control metrics. Excel workbook financial example: Download the example directly. Here you can download the Excel sample file you used to create this dashboard. The Spreadsheet service is available as part of Revenue Online. Once approved, Excel spreadsheets must be uploaded via Revenue Online.

Downlaod the Financial Sample for Power BI - Power BI worksheet.

Do you need some information to try the Power BI services? There is a basic Excel spreadsheet with sample finance information available for downloading. Here is how to get it down: Excel worksheet example: Directly dowload the example. Contains a spreadsheet with sales and results information by markets segments and countries/regions.

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What makes an Excel Dashboard useful?

What makes an Excel dashboard useful? The Excel dashboards are a favorite way to communicate critical financial data with your peers and stakeholder groups. However, creating instant Dashboards in Excel has some big drawbacks: On the other side, a wall-mounted Excelashboard can change the way everyone in your organization listens to and understand your performance indicators, as this example shows.

Here you can dowload the Excel sample with which you created this Dashboard. Would you like to make your own Sales dashboard? Can an Excel spreadsheet help you meet your company objectives? The purpose of this sample Dashboard is to give you a general overview of how simple it is to turn KPI information in an Excel spreadsheet into something much more intuitively and implementably.

Couple some spreadsheet-based Widgets with over 70 integration options with Salesforce, Zendesk, and Google Analytics to create high-performance, efficient dashboards for your people. Let's take a look at how the dashboard was built from sample Excel files. At the top right of the screen is a Leaderboard Widget entitled'Sales this month' for a fictitious comapny.

Building a ranked Widget from Excel files is just a case of choosing a row with files as "labels" and then choosing a row with a set of numbers. At the top right of the screen there is a bar graph "Sales this year". It displays the year' s Kalenderwoche, and the Y-axis displays the turnover in $000s per year.

The $75,000 target has also been established, which is the automatic marker for the week in which the target was reached. Beneath the bar graph is a line graph that represents the same record as a trendline. There is an extra line (yellow) showing the sales goals. In contrast to the bar graph widget, a line graph widget can contain more than one row of information so that more than one row of information can be displayed on the same row of axles, each axle being displayed in a different color.

At the bottom right of the screen is a meter or Geck-O-Meter-Widget that shows "Current Lines". This example currently has 6 leaders, and the squad has seen a total of only 10 leaders at a stretch. If you look at the Widget, it is also possible to see that your target is to reach 7 leaders.

It will turn red when and as soon as they reach their destination. On the right hand side of the Geck-O-Meter is another "Current Lines" Widget with the same number of 6 lines and the same destination of 7, but instead of a measuring device, the information is displayed with a number-widget that shows a number of progressing numbers, displayed as a small stripe above the bottom of the Widget.

With increasing number of actual lead, the stripe is aligned to the right of the target and shows a higher percentage of finish before finally turning solid when the target is struck. In this example the last one in theashboard -'Units Delivered Today' - is also a numberidget.

As with the ''Current leads'' Widget, the shown major number is a scalar value from the spreadsheet. However, instead of displaying a target, this number widget was created with a modification flag. A higher number is "better" in this case, so the Widget has been configured to indicate a reduction in the color pink.

What can I do to create this dashboard? The sample Dashboard is supported by the Excel sample files that you can dowload here. There is no particular gimmick about how the sources are organized. In the Excel spreadsheet, you can see that the numbers are organized in rows, with headings at the top of each row.

Here, the spreadsheet owners can simply refresh the information and allow others in their organization to work together. Dropobox synchronizes all changes when they are stored, and spreadsheets on the Dashboard within seconds to show the actualized numbers.

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