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Pages can be based on other page templates by setting the ParentTemplate property. You can instead build your new page on a template - a Confluence page with predefined content. Create new websites from templates Use this page to describe how to build a new Web site using a pre-defined Web site as the basis. Launch the New Web Site Assistant in the Web Sites component and in the first screen, click Use Web Template. There is a range of Web templates to help you work with.

An EMS licence corresponds to the original test licence.

Select one of the Web templates below and click Next.

Creating page templates - Sitefinity CMS Design

You can use the Fluent or Native API in order to build a page style. If you are going to make a page style, you need to do the following: Topic, MasterPage, ParentTemplate etc. Look at the following example: Using System; Using System.Linq; Using System.Text.RegularExpressions; Using Telerik.Sitefinity; Using Telerik.Sitefinityabstraction; Using Telerik.Sitefinity.Model; Using Telerik.Sitefinity.Modules.Pages; Using Telerik.Sitefinity.Pages.Model; Guid templateId=Guid.

Empty; var liquid = App.WorkWith(); var parentalTemplate = liquid.Page().PageManager.GetTemplate(SiteInitializer.TemplateIdRightSidebarHeaderFooter); d. Titel = TemplateTitle; t.Name = New Lstring(Regex.Replace(templateTitle, @"[^\w\-\!\$\'\(\)\=\@\d_]+", String.Empty).ToLower()); t. Name = New Lstring(Regex.Replace(templateTitle, @"[^\w\-\!\$\'\(\)\=\@d_]+", String.Empty).ToLower()); p.

Where( if => t.Id == templateId).SingleOrDefault(); var master=pageManager. templatesLifecycle.Edit(template); pageManager.TemplatesLifecycle.Publish(master); pageManager.SaveChanges(); return template.Id; Page templates can be modeled on other page templates by specifying the ParentTemplate Property. The example above uses the right sidebar, header, footer style as the basis for the page-style. You can also build different kinds of pageTemplates - MVC, WebForms or Hybrids, depending on what kind of Widget is used.

The Framework attribute and the page template framework enable control this.


Instead, you can build your new page on a templates - a Confluence page with pre-defined contents. A few templates are provided by Blaupausen or Marketplace applications, and you can even build your own templates. A few samples of useful templates are: There are two page templates in Confluence: Room templates:

This page templates are only available in a certain area. When you have authorization from a room manager, you can use the Room Management dialog box to create templates. Worldwide Templates: This page templates are available in every area of your website. The Confluence Admin Console allows you to create templates for the Confluence Server.

You can also use the pre-defined templates if you are a system admin. Use the Confluence editors to type your templates. For more information, see Creating a template. For templates applications. For more information. Blueprints are page templates with additional features that help you build, maintain and organise your Confluence contents, and there is a set of pre-defined templates that come with Confluence.

Adapt the templates to your own needs, deactivate certain bluprints or even design your own. When you are a room manager, you can use the Generate Setup dialogue box to specify that certain templates and blues will be sponsored. Element advertising can help maintain consistent elements in a room by stimulating the user to produce certain kinds of contents instead of empty pages.

Advertised templates or sketches are displayed above, all other contents type, incl. Blank Page and Blog Post, have broken down below. If you want to see the other available kinds of contents, select the Show more links. See more templates and layouts. Apply for a draft or a design:

Select Promoter next to the templates or layouts to be displayed in the Create dialogue box. Only templates that have been generated in this area can be applied. Keep in mind that by advertising a sketch or presentation you will hide all other elements, even empty pages and blogs, under the Show More hyperlink. When you use the Show more hyperlink in the creation dialogue more than three time in a row, the dialogue will now show you all templates by default. Click ing on the Show more hyperlink in the creation dialogue will show you all templates by default. 2.

Also Confluence offers'system templates' with contents like the welcome greeting of the website and the standard placeholder. For more information, see Managing Site Templates.

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