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Download ROAR! website design examples here! Explore our online portfolio and find out why we have some of the best websites to get proven results. Explore music through samples, cover songs and remixes. Learn how to write a disclaimer for a website or use our free example of a disclaimer to address various limitations of liability.

Explore music with samples, cover songs and remixes.

Immerse yourself in the great musical world by exploring links between over 536,000 tracks and 181,000 performers, from hip-hop, rap and R&B to electronic/dance, rock, pop, soul, funk, reggae, jazzy, classical and more. Check out our videotape! A hallmark of the courageous creation with a full length tape, commenting on how it felt to listen to the initial sample footage re-interpreted live:

"It'?s always different when we play with a real act. It' does something spiritually when you listen to the kind of stuff you are used to playing over and over again - it is.....

Beauty of CSS Design

If you click on any page, the stylesheet will be loaded into that page. HTML stays the same, the only thing that has really improved is the externally created HTML-command. Provides full and comprehensive styling controls over a hyper Text type using HTML pages and HTML pages. Powerful graphic designs have always been at the forefront.

However, the sample data is so well annotated that even beginners to knowledge can take it as a basis. You can find further instructions and hints for working with CSS can be found in the Resource Guide. The stylesheet can be changed at will, but not the HTML.

It may seem scary at first if you've never worked like this before, but please check out the following link to find out more and use the sample data as a guideline. Please dowload the example HTML and CSS to work on a copy of it. As soon as you have your artwork ready (and please do not hand in any semi-finished work), please transfer your custom style sheet to a web site under your supervision.

Please provide us with a hyperlink to an archives of this data and all related files, and if we use it, we will upload it and place it on our servers. As a tribute, a source of inspiration as well as a source of resources, we can all relate to showing how stunning CSS can really be.

The site will serve as a source of inspiration for those who work on the web today, as a teaching resource for those who will be there soon, and as a galery for prospective technologies to look forward to. You should limit your choice of styles for CSS 3 & 4 to those that are broadly based, or you should plan for major setbacks.

Keep offensive materials to a bare minimum and try to integrate original and interesting pictorial topics into your work.

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