Sample Wordpress Theme

Example Wordpress theme

This is the best collection of free Wordpress themes. Pretty & Simple WordPress Themes for Authors 2018 WorldPress is great because it has both the needs and the solutions to the website adaptation issue. There is a flourishing programming community, resulting in a variety of plug-ins and topics that can make any website a hit. Let's take a look at some of the best WordPress themes:

It is a WordPress theme that serves its purpose and then goes out of the way. Indeed, this is one of the most affordable and user-friendly WordPress applications. From the very beginning, end-customers are given prefabricated page layout options for 18 pages. Layout is appealing, and this design has several typographic preferences.

The Jevelin is a rugged and dependable, slim and highly reactive WordPress multi-purpose website design premier. It is a plattform for people who need an on-line presentation for their projects: Whether companies, professionals or private Blogger, Jevelin has something for everyone. The theme is also full of handy short codes and Widgets.

Everything from 6 blogs and 10 portfolios to tonnes of galleries that you can work with. CheckUp is a neat and reactive WordPress blogs and magazines website theme. It is a versatile frame for creating advanced journal sites. In this topic you'll find the demonstrations and layout you need to be able to communicate in different sounds.

Refreshing designs and creating eye-catching Widget ads make any magazines look more beautiful with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, it's a few simple steps. Astounding management choices make CheckUp incredibly versatile. The theme provides high-performance typographic kit to help you communicate with zest and clearness. Helps you respond quickly and is portable, allowing you to engage a wider public. Try cheerUp today and improve your game!

Thusledad is a smartly engineered and visually breathtaking, well-structured and very intuitively reactive WordPress multi-purpose blog website theme. The theme was developed to enable future blogsmasters of websites from all areas of everyday living, with or without prior programming expertise, to create the most varied and unique fanciful contemporary weblogs on today's web markets in just a few moments, without even looking at a line of coding.

Not just one, it uses two custom Page builder plug-ins, the Visual Composer's Life WordPress Customizer and the Visual Composer's Premier Page Dragging & Dropping Page Editors, which give you access to thousands of items and configuration choices in just a few mouse clicks. What's more, you can create your own custom pages with the ease of a few simple mouse clicks. What's more, you can create your own custom pages using the plug-ins? With up to 300 fantastic, colourful and neatly designed blogs, demos and page styles to start with and customise as you wish, Soledad provides many extra features for corner uses such as the wonderful Penci Recipe plugin and Penci Review plugin for feed loggers, a beautiful video background display for blogs from magazines and magazines, and stunning image gallery features for all your needs.

The Soledad is the ideal theme for the contemporary online blogsman. The MagPlus is a hot and imaginative WordPress blogs and magazines website theme. There are 40 demonstration sites, tens of template files, 20 faders, 12 headers and more waiting for you. Twenty-five different item designs present each contribution in the limelight. With endless layout, you can make a powerful message that fits the sound of your words.

The reactive bootstrap encoding allows you to connect to any user on any machine. Type is a WordPress topic that is orientated towards texts and text-based use. Using TYPOLYY, you can adapt your homepage with various layout for publication. The layout is designed with infinite colour and iconographic choices. Type is customizable and reactive to all displays.

You' ll get many customized Widget and Headline choices to enjoy. In case of any doubt, even for such an intuitive topic, you will receive individual assistance. Grab your motif with a one-click demonstration and begin your creatively and beautifully written! It is a basic and minimalistic blogs topic that is perfectly suited for any type of website.

The design is flexible and very simple to adapt to your needs. In case you have problems configuring this theme, just post your questions in their forums and they will help you get to the bottom of your issue when you install the theme. The Morning Time is a fresh complement to an ever-growing list of high-quality WordPress topics.

This can improve any blogs, private blogs or websites with messages. Morning Time has become an essential allies of the authors among us because the web can be an excellent media for those who want to exchange ideas. Clients can buy this topic directly or try out the contents via the extensive demonstration.

The Morning Time is a very quick website theme. Overall, this is a multi-faceted and high-performance page theme that can maximise your number of views and enhance every facet of your website. Familyblogs is a beautifully comfortable, eye-catching user-friendly, extremely intuitional and excellently responding WordPress® personal blogs website theme. It is a delightful, yet uniquely designed tool for anyone with or without prior engineering expertise to create nice, easy yet attractive, fully featured blogs of themselves or their whole family if required.

The theme comes with a mighty but totally intuitively designed toolset that allows proud fathers and mother blogs around the globe to document their everyday affairs and events in a fun and enjoyable way. Another function highly appreciated by familiy blogs people is the customized UI function. It allows each member of the familiy to have their own customized post profiles for the Families Blogs, so that their votes can be listened to in their own style, singular to your Families Blue.

The family blog is the entry into the 21. centuries for you and your family! The Gridlove is a quick and reactive WordPress theme. It' a useful resource for journals or article authors who love text and classical contributions to photoblogs. The Gridlove is a theme that fits in with any kind of company that is seen in written form.

Make use of this excellent authoring work! Within the on-line world, a blogs is a success if you can help your readership concentrate on what's really important: the contents and persuade them to get involved. Less is really more for authors! That is the gold standard in the design of the Newsmag theme.

Newsmag' Classic Blog' demonstration blends mesh forms and sleek design features to give you more customized access to your contents, incorporating beautifully packaged pictures and a neat, easy-to-read script. The Newsmag is a highly versatile and high-performance theme developed for magazines and blogs. Featuring 10 one-click demonstrations that can be posted to your website, you don't need any programming knowledge to set up and customise this design.

The Newsmag is fast and easy to use, so you can modify anything from the top headline to the bottom. Contents can be enhanced with utilities such as user-defined galleries, smartlists, playlists and textformatting. Its design is also able to add many additional features with uniquely customized Widgets, also with integrated Social Shares Button.

The theme can finish your website in a few seconds and is WooCommerce plug-in compliant if you are trying to create an on-line store for your website. Featuring such a high-performance and versatile design, all you have to do is concentrate on creating your stunning work! One of the things that sets this topic apart from other elements on our site is the remarkable number of functions.

The Smart Blog contrasts with the classic bare-bone design of its mates. There are 3 different playlists, a playlist that is both retinal and reactive, with limitless colours and side bars. There is an incredible option palette, over 20 user-defined Widgets, a full-screen wallpaper and many shortcuts.

Overall, this topic reflects its importance through its many functions and can make any night vision successful. Cristina is an imaginative and imaginative, professional and knowledgeable, easily portable and surprisingly reactive WordPress website related mode and life style magazines. It is the culmination of a conscious designing and developing effort that aims to create a great learning environment for Web masters, with or without prior engineering expertise, to easily create state-of-the-art Web sites with sophisticated multi-media governance functions based on both HTML5 and CSS3 technology that make the presentation of your contents a smooth affair around the globe.

The theme will pack several different home page and templates for you to create your own effective blogsites in just a few moments, without having to type a line of coding, with smart widgets, powerful interactive search engines, interactive search engines, interactive search engines, interactive search engines, etc., as well as powerful search engine management and search engine management.

Cristina is a great theme for authors and all types of communication and for all with a powerful, tangible mission that they must communicate to a large on-line public. Reader is a great theme for WordPress pages. The theme has a new beautiful homepage integrated and an unbelievable side bar on the bottom.

Fully reactive, the design is able to present your contents on the portable screen. For more information about the Reader, see the topic document resource. The Paperio is an evocative and highly reactive WordPress multi-purpose blogs website theme. It is a easy topic for a webmaster from all branches and areas.

Paperio is suitable and versatile for private, business and entrepreneurial purposes. Seven one-of-a-kind demonstration sites offer you all the fundamentals. Every one contains different, customized demonstration files, contents and layout for different application. This is why authors like to use Paperio to publish their works on the Internet. Convenient, enhanced administrator control panels allow you to design and promote your blog.

In a few mouseclicks and within a few mouseclicks you can choose headlines, layout, colours and typefaces. When you' re looking for a way to help you get started on your own projects, get the Alia WordPress theme for authors and all the rest becomes story. It' a very minimalist blogs theme that almost instantly adapts to your needs and rules.

Briefly, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you can both take full advantage of Alia's full capabilities. This theme has a great love of detail and concentrates entirely on your contents. Heaven is a beautiful WordPress theme for author sites. Fortunately, this theme has endless layouts and blogs settings: 2 featured post slider layouts, 5 blogs listing layouts, and various headers option.

Skyen has sleek and one-of-a-kind Blockpost section that allows users to present their most favorite blogs. It focuses on your well-written contents and attracts the reader's interest. Personalised layout with different colour scheme are also available. It has 5 areas for widgetsidebars and 9 free WordPress plug-in areas that have been added for free.

For more information on this WordPress topic for authors, see the Lifetime Preview. The Wild Book is an elaborately crafted and very esthetically thoughtful, stylishly vintage as well as retro inspiring, technology-driven and innovative book, while navigatively intuitively and simply, beautifully legible and linkable, appealing and appealing, creatively and very responsively WordPress vintage blogs or magazines theme.

It is an astonishing theme that has been equipped with a wealth of functions to create the most professionally, nostalgically, nostalgically, classically, stylishly and attractively designed web sites possible, especially those sites that mainly focus on writing or text-based content and share it with a huge, non-differentiated, massively accessible on-line public.

The theme is therefore ideal for all types of authors and anyone who dare to put the stylus against the empty page, and is very effective in bringing back the memory of those times when stylus and pencil were in fashion. But Wild Book knows those days are long gone, and instead it grabs a barrel of customized page layouts and demonstration sites with inner contents pages, bi-directional sidebar selections with tonnes of widgettized space for short code or plug-in capability, an extra-readable look, and meticulously chosen Google fonts that go far into the hundred.

The Wild Book is a theme for old-established authors who want to be ahead of their time! The Evoke is nice and visual provocative, graphic centered and high gloss mirror finish and inspiring, simple and efficient structure, smooth functionality and very appealing and linkable, fashionable and deep adaptable, intuitively and simple to use, supportive of WordPress users and administrators, WordPress photos blogs and WordPress web site topic submission.

It is a very powerfull and streamlined WordPress theme designed for webmaster novices or veterans to simply and easily meet all their photoblogging or website authoring needs with an all-in-one web sharing kit that allows them to quickly and simply exchange text or image-based contents with the whole globe and with a very compelling and engaging web design.

The theme is ideal for travellers' authors, reporters, photo loggers, arts reviewers and all kinds of authors for whom viewing images is an intrinsic or important part of their writing, even illustrative authors, but for whom maximum legibility and optimal usability of their writing are top priorities.

The Evoke includes a broad homepage and seven different layout choices, as well as the enhanced WordPress Theme Customizer function, which lets you instantly customize colours, logo's, typography and more in real-time previews and with a few mouse clicks. Evoke also includes the WordPress Theme Customizer, which allows you to create your own customizable pages. Evoke, a easy and neat writing tool for authors everywhere.

The Forte is a visual impressing and well thought-out, graphic professional composition, very legible and appealing, target-oriented and functional imaginative and conscious, agile and intuitional, straightforward and flowing WordPress style for your blogs or magazines. It' a theme that, while it' strong enough and multifaceted enough to satisfy the needs of any type of blogs or magazines website you can think of, is easy to fulfill, specially designed to satisfy and surpass the needs of amateurs by professional authors.

It' Forte is a theme that has a way with words, so to say, and its tonnes of user-defined layout and templates pages have all been created with extensively crafted mediums in the back of your head, while it' s still packed around advanced image-oriented textures with tonnes of additional functions and functions, such as hero head portions, jet pack tiled grids, and tonnes of other unbelievably high-performance options at the top of your fingertips, using the agile and versatile live customizer utility to customize the look of your blogs website to the contents of your hearts.

Using the sophisticated and user-defined Bean framework, you can even include the list of your authors with the Bean Team plug-in, or run a Restrict Content Per subscription so your fonts are enjoyed by all. The strength of this theme lies in its words. The MyBlog is an inventive and inventive, fanciful and cutting-edge, tech-savvy and diverse, fast-reacting WordPress website for your own website, your own website for blogs and magazines.

MyBlog uses a range of high-performance demonstration website and page template tools that you can rely on and customise with two different blogs layouts and a dozen different mail format and options to do almost anything with your work. The design has been equipped with comprehensive customisation features through enhanced design preferences, while the beautifully designed Posts slider controls motivate your visitors and interact with all of your contents.

Ton of high-performance Widgets extend what you can do with any of your MyBlog pages, from useful About Me based ones to gorgeous customized Tabbed Pagination based ones, to create a seamless way to organize your contents and your navigations. It' s almost a perfectly designed theme, as the designers have spend innumerable maneuvers exploring and creating it.

As the name suggests, iFashion is geared towards trendy webpages. You are welcome to use it in your own magazines or blogs. If you need practical training, you can take a look at inFashion's online demonstration, which shows all the features you can hope to find in a great theme. Strong theme choices have been added, resulting in more exceptional customization possibilities.

Using Mailchimp as your main e-mail resource, you can attract more users by pulling your subscribe dedget into the side bar of your blogs. Instagram will also let your blogs talk to you thanks to the design's built-in customized widget. This website theme can take your latest pictures and insert them into the bottom of your blogs if you are spending a great deal of your free online space.

WordPress is an outstanding topic for authors. For those who choose to browse the Google directory, there are a number of fonts available, each able to improve your default contributions. They can even add a face-to-face photograph along with some bio information. All author sites are optimised for tables thanks to grace under-press.

To test this WordPress theme for authors, you should view the Life Preview. There are also many customizations, with customize widgets and optimization. Benefit from the high-performance option panels, translation-oriented functions and SEO-optimized layouts. Contains boundless colour choices, a light box, infinite background and shortcuts.

It also includes the Full Google Fonts Library, as well as support for compatible mobile devices and a custom personal desktop layout feature. Flexibly, powerfully, but nevertheless fine and elegantly, the developer shows us how to reach complexities by controlling the fundamentals. It is also fully reactive and can be adapted to your needs.

A few other functions comprise a great options-panel, SEO-optimized, shortcuts, customized widgets, a light box, boundless background and a variety of colours. WordPress 4 compatibility. Simpleton can function as a theme in its own right or as a framework for something larger. MyThemeShop has a simpleton theme that is included in the base pack.

It' s fully reactive and offers limitless possibilities for your wallpaper. There are also many shortcuts and user-defined Widgets, as well as lightweightbox and translatable functions. If you want to create an attractive website, you can count on the topic Online Marketing Blog (IMBT). The theme is very progressive and slim, yet user-friendly.

Its level of usability is amazing because IMBT solves problems with size change and your site responds fully to smart phones and tables. This theme also features 8 different blogstyles and 5 different page-variants. It is a beautiful, simple and simple blogs topic for anyone who wants a simple interface for their favorite website.

Loading is very quick, and a real-time previewer has also been added so that the users can test before buying. The Hemlock features an sleek and appealing styling paired with optional features for your favorite tunes, video and gallery. Even the customized surface was developed with usability in view and allows you to modify the colour scheme of your website.

Mighty' s designers have made no compromises in the creation of this theme. It is a sleek, stylish WordPress theme that is best suitable for creating a blog. To say nothing of the fact that it is very uncommon for reply to find a theme that has such a sleek look, but it does manage to distinguish itself as it requires to be kept in mind.

A name like Easy hardly needs a further explanation. This design was developed by the designers with a focus on function and simplicity and follows the trends of blogs. And you can get to know this topic by watching the real-time previews without having to make a decision to buy. WordPress Basic Articles includes a multi-menu menu item, a maillider, 4 blogs laid out, Instagram Widget and a scaleable canister.

It' also fully reactive and can be used on any machine, desk top or otherwise. Buzzblog is definitely the theme for you with a high-performance administration console and a fully reactive theme that can be displayed on any monitor! Now you can easily convert this topic into any desired languages so you can attract more audiences and address previously unattainable demographic data.

It is a minimalist and straightforward WordPress theme designed specifically for publishers and authors who want to advertise their work on-line. The design is very straightforward to setup and customise. Indeed, this topic allows you to create a website without having to hire a web site builder. In addition, the designers have incorporated this theme into Cherry Framework, which provides a management window for your website that is quick and understandable.

Using its intelligent theme administration panels, you can modify the head and back image pictures, select the text that fits your market planning, toy with colours and create a stylish website that you can use to promote your work. Writer's WordPress theme of Template Monster has user-defined mail type that you can use to publish FAQs, information about the writer, services, and books posted.

In addition, you can use its customized Widgets to integrate a beautiful and organised comments system into your website and to promote your book exchanges across all your online community sites. In addition, this design has a built-in theme customization mode that gives you a real-time view of what the design would look like after you' edit some theme items.

After all, this topic is completely reactive and optimised for head to toe AEO. The Voyager is a neat, crisp, open WordPress premium travel theme. Designed to meet the needs of real travellers, this design is ready to go with Google API connectivity to allow you to view rich, customized map content on your pages.

The Voyager comes with the TravellerPress plug-in that gives you all the power you need for the moving weaver. In addition, the expanded topic choices allow for the adaptation of pages beyond faith. Materials design conceptions such as freely scaleable images penetrate the theme. Use Voyager's customizable footing widget, which provides a cross-location item that you've tweaked beyond your boldest fantasies.

Voyager engineers also incorporated enhanced form contacts and additional translations so Voyager experiences can be enjoyed by people around the world. Voyager's just the subject to get you there.

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