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Animated Themes by Samsung

Galaxy S8's new 'Infinity Wallpapers' are fantastic - they work like this The Galaxy S8 lets your Always-On monitor, your locking monitor and your home monitor merge into one. The various on-line leakages that led to the proclamation of the Samsung Galaxy S8 gave us insights into the phone's new locking monitor, main monitor and always-on monitor, and it always seemed as if there was something new in the way the GS8 managed the interactions between these three monitors.

For years Android has had animated home monitors and locking monitors, thanks to the Able to Watch Alive function, but the GS8 goes a long way with its new infrared wall papers. One 3-in-1 packet of living wall papers for each of the GS8's major windows. The Samsung Themes application is home to three different backgrounds - the Always-On display, the lockout display, and the startup display - all of which are packed into a single, seamless layer.

Lift up a Galaxy S8 and you' ll see the Always-On Display wall paper, which is usually beautiful Barebones. Most of the time it is a single pixel stellar array with a kind of coloured light in the back. Then, release the telephone - by pulling through, using the touch screen reader or scan the iris - and you will be propelled into a clearer color gamut, with the same animated stars array in the back.

There are about a dozen different Infinity wall papers uploaded to the Galaxy S8 out of the box, so they will be more likely to be available through the Samsung Themes Gateway in the near term. In the past, the Zumtobel Group has largely turned away from animated backgrounds, and these new Infinity backgrounds lend a truly forward-looking mobile phone a touch of futurism.

Samsung Galaxy Star wallpapers free of charge

Samsung Galaxy Star is running on Android OS, v4.1.2 (Jelly Bean). Samsung Galaxy Star S5280 also comes with a 2.0 megapixel video -capable camcorder. Comes with 4GB of built-in memory and can accommodate up to 32GB of memory on your Microsoft SD card. Top, new and popular wallpapers for Samsung Galaxy Star.

Here you can find the free wallpaper library for Samsung Galaxy Star to be downloaded. Wallpapers are updated every day.

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