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From Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Skip to top ^ "Samsung Internet 4.0 and Cross App Boost Functionality for Galaxy Devices with Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update".

Where can I get version 4.0 of Samsung's standard Internet browser?

Download Samsung Internet Browser 4.0.20-10 APK by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Samsung Internet's fourth release introduces many new and thrilling functions. Available for Galaxy S7 Edge, S7, Note5, S6 Edge+, S6 Edge, S6, S6 Active, Note4, S5, S5 Neo, S5 Active, S5 Sports, S5 LTE A, Note3, S4, S4 Duos, S4 Active, S4 LTE A, S7, A8, A5x, A7x and with Android 5. 0 and above.

Greater safety Take your browser safety and private sphere into your own hand. The secret mode of Samsung Web will help you safeguard your safety and your private life while surfing the Web. Secret Mode is only available after your login and never discloses your browser information. If you enter the secret mode for higher safety, you can use your fingersprint authentification.

Convenient Samsung Web offers you less visible mess in your daily surfing. Use the advantages of context block enhancements to free your websites from useless material. REMARK Samsung does not make available the filter blockers. Improved integration with Samsung equipment Samsung Web is designed to ensure consistency and continuity of usability between different Samsung equipment.

Using Samsung Web for Gear VR, you can experience web content (including 3D streaming and 360 video) in an immersive world. Android and Gear VR are closely linked to Samsung Web for Android and Gear VR so you can more readily browse your favourite web content. Functions * Secret modus - Activates only under login, secret modus never leave a trace of your surfingdata.

Safe Automatic Web Log-in - On fingerprinted enabled device, Samsung Web provides an easier, but safer way for you to log in to websites. Content Cards - Content cards displayed on the DeepL Accessibility page recommend web content in a dynamic way, making it easier for you to find useful and interesting content.

Navigation Page - This portable, cheerful edition of the well-known top local site page can be configured as a homepage to give you simple entry to funny and useful pages. Content Blocker - Deploy third-party applications to allow content blockers to search the web with less disorder.

Pop-up movie - Display your on-line movies in a pop-up screen to surf the web while watching them. We also share this checklist with Samsung Web for Gear VR, so you can watch your favourite movies in an immersive setting with a click. Short Cut Promotion Banner - Samsung Web site suggests installing short cut promotion banner for websites you often go to via alert-banner.

Web Push - Receive web publish notification from your favourite websites without having to install their proprietary applications. S Pen Functions - The Handy SPen functions available on Galaxy Note phones can be used for easily scraping or splitting web content. KNOX Support - Samsung internet for KNOX includes organisational safety guidelines to ensure web accessibility controls.

Samsung Galaxy units offer an extra power-saving feature and an extra standby feature for longer run time. The only web browser that can be used in these sessions is Samsung Web.

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