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Do you really have a Santa Claus? Call Santa now and find out what your children want for this Christmas without having to ask them directly. You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and find out more about Santa's message!..


Seven applications to help keep Christmas magics going for your family.

Do you really have a Santa Claus? North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has been following Santa's location on Christmas Eve for more than 60 years with a variety of information gathering devices that range from satellite to fighter jets. NORAD Tracks Santa's 2016 website and applications will go online on December 1st, featuring a Christmas clock-down, matches and other events, as well as NORAD's legendary stories of Santa's journeys on December 24th.

Lieutenant Marco Chouinard, spokesman for NORAD Tracks Santa, said more than 1,500 NORAD voluntaries are helping to keep Santa Claus on Christmas Eve for 23 hours. As Chouinard says, NORAD is often asked how Santa Claus succeeds in delivering presents around the globe in a 24-hour timeframe - his response includes a little Christmasreise.

"Father Christmas would not want to hurry the important task of distributing gifts to offspring and bringing happiness to all, so the only reasonable inference is that Father Christmas somehow works in his own time-space continuity. "The Portable North Pole (PNP) app and website allows a parent to email personalised video to their child directly from the North Pole.

Videobotschaften are free, but for an extra charge parent their children can buy more details Personalisierungen, opinions of the Christmas villages and pieces of news over whether they stand in this year on the bad or beautiful listing. Catch A Character lets your children prove that Santa Claus was in their house - an app that allows a parent to take free pictures of their own house and Santa's floor pictures.

You can show Santa how to place gifts under the Christmas Christmas trees, check his lists or even look stunned to be trapped in front of the cameras. Etsy's easy quest will give them the tools to show their children that Santa Claus is always on the lookout. An Australian mother, Simona Kebakovski, who is selling a copy of the certifications in her Etsy store, issued the certification last Christmas for her 4-year-old girl after writing a Christmas Santa Claus note in which she told him what she wanted for Christmas and promised to be kind.

"She was so upset in the dawn she ran into the mailbox to see if Santa had sent her a note. "Santa's Magic Phone App allows children to call Santa Claus, send an SMS or even get in touch with Santa Claus themselves to tell them about their children's good or evil behaviour.

Santa's "calls" can be made by saying that a baby has been removed from the bad boy lists and saying congratulations for being courteous. According to a poll carried out by the holiday hire firm HomeAway, 42 per cent of children travelling on public holiday said they were worried about Santa Claus finding them at their holiday destination or not.

Fortunately, on Reroute Santa's website, children can tell Santa where they are staying, where they are going for Christmas, and get a Santa Claus mail stating that he has noted where they will be on the big holiday. As Jonathan Murray, who is on YouTube video with his loved ones, says, Mrs. Danielle recently stored his telephone number in her mobile along with a picture of Santa Claus.

Danielle phones her man when her girls behave badly and pretends to talk to Santa about her bad behaviour. "Brenna Jennings, blogging at Suburban Snapshots, made good use of her Photoshop abilities last year when she made a Santa "Selfie" on her daughter's iPad, which made her 8-year-old think that Santa had taken a snap picture while giving gifts.

She says that her daugther has written a message to Santa asking him to take a self-ie while he visits her home. "Either it was ten moments spent making a bogus memo of Santa Claus and telling him why he couldn't just drop off a self-ie or just do it in Photoshop," Jennings said.

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