Santa Claus Live Wallpaper

Father Christmas Live Wallpaper

You need some Santa Claus pictures? Santa Claus Christmas Live Wallpaper HD Uploaded by. An animated wallpaper is a mixture of a screensaver and a desktop background. Father Christmas is on his way to distribute Christmas presents to children in many villages. Beautiful and festive photos of the most popular man for Christmas are now available thanks to the Top Santa Claus Live Wallpapers App.

Father Christmas Live Wallpaper for Android

Happy Christmas is an yearly remembrance of the Nativity and a widespread celebration, usually on December 25 by billion human beings around the globe. Favourite traditions are the exchange of presents, the decoration of Christmas tree, the visit of the parish hall, the common meal with relatives and acquaintances and of course the wait for Santa Claus.

It' a free live high-definition background that you'll love to use at Christmas and New Year! Wherever you go and whatever you do with this live wallpaper, Santa brings happiness and lives...! - Includes compatibility with many smart phones and tables. Works with many phones and spreadsheets.

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Christmas Live Wallpaper 2.1 Free Download

Enhance your mobile with beautiful Santa Claus photos, present wrappings, reindeers and colourful backdrops in the Christmas mood! Different photos of Santa Claus and New Year's Eve on your mobile wallpaper! Santa Claus is expecting you! - Ideal live backdrop for Android! - An interactive wallpaper - Tap anywhere on the desktop and new Santa Claus photos will appear!

Celebrate this beautiful, free and useful live background! Directions for Installation:Home -> Menus -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers Santa Claus, also known as Santa Claus, Santa Claus and just "Santa", is a character with mythic, historic and folkloristic roots, who in many occidental civilizations is supposed to deliver presents to the houses of good kids in the end of the night and over night on Christmas Eve, December 24th.

It is a contemporary character deriving from the Netherlandish character Sinterklaas, which in turn may have part of its foundation in hagiographic stories about the historic character of the donor Saint Nicholas. Father Christmas is generally portrayed as a strong, cheerful, white-bearded man - sometimes with glasses - who wears a crimson jacket with a blank neck and sleeve, fettered pants and belts and boots bound in crimson leathers (pictures of him seldom have a moustacheless beard).

The picture became widespread in the United States and Canada in the nineteenth centuries as Clement Clarke Moore's 1823 novel "A Visiting From St. Nicholas" and the 1823 poet Thomas Nast, a German artist and politician, had a significant impact. The picture was cultivated and strengthened by songs, music, TV, radios, children's literature and film.

In turn, the representation of Santa Claus in the United States, as it evolved in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, affected the contemporary perception of Santa Claus, Sinterklaas and Santa Claus in Europe. Following a custom dating back to the 1820' s, Santa Claus is living at the Arctic Pole, with a large number of magic fairies and nine (originally eight) reindeers in flight.

Ever since the twentieth centuries, in an idiom popularised by the 1934 Santa Claus Is Coming to Town, Santa Claus has been asked to draw up a roster of kids from around the globe who are categorised according to their behaviour ("naughty" or "nice") and give gifts, involving games and sweets, to all the good kids in the whole wide variety of the worlds, and sometimes charcoal to the bad kids, on the only Christmas Eve party.

St. Nicholas of Myra is the most important source of illumination for the Christians of Sinterklaas. Nicolas was known for his generosity in giving presents to the needy, especially to give dowry to the three poverty-stricken daughter of a devout believer so they would not be forced into prostitution. The Santa Claus Live Wallpaper is a free wallpaper app from the Others sub-category, which is part of the Home & Hobbies group.

The Santa Claus Live Wallpaper (Version 2.1) has a filesize of 1.89MB and can be downloaded from our website. This is the update log of the Santa Claus Live Wallpaper, which was published on our website on 13.06.2004.

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