Santa Claus Simulator

Father Christmas Simulator

Matthews as Santa Claus. It'?s not easy being happy all the time - just ask Santa Claus!

Father Christmas Simulator

The Santa Claus Simulator (as the name suggests) allows you to create the Santa Claus experience in your home while your kids are in another room. 4- Start the Santa Claus Simulator and push the keys to get Santa Claus to speak and emulate his coming, building presents and then his leaving. {6} Return the kids who will not believe their own sight that they forgot Santa Claus so near!

Bonuses - For an even more magic present opening push the music button and relish the delight in the eye of your kids. With the Santa simulator, the Christmas ghost will be truer than ever, and Santa will no longer have the voices of either Bob or Father. On some phones, the application is not activated after the countdown if the handset was in locking state.

It is a known error, we will fix it, but if you use the clock, please do not block your mobile and keep it enabled (no monochrome screen) !

screen shots

It'?s not always simple to be happy all the while - just ask Santa Claus! Christmas full of dirty children, moaning fairies and flyin' reindeers can make Santa Claus sour! Push, push, grind and rock this speaking Santa Claus to see how he responds. Every Wednesday we offer an extra furious pet for free downloading for your AngryApp!

Visit every weekend to see which new pet you can get for free! IN ORDER TO GET OTHER PETS TO DOWNLOAD: Press the Menu Buttons and other pets to be downloaded will appear in the listing under the Rage page. UPGRADING TO PLUS AND GETTING MORE BEASTS! During the development of this application no pets were injured and we do not tolerate in any way the detrimental handling of genuine pets.

Enjoy the application and let the genuine pets alone!

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