Santa Scanner

Father Christmas Scanner

A free online scanner for cheeky or beautiful Santa Clauses. It is the best "Naughty or Nice" scan app available because YOU (secretly) control the results! Santa's Scan-O-Matic Naughty or Nice Scanner As you continue typing on the RESET button's far side, your results will become less consistent. To the right of the RESET key, press the RESET key, the more beautiful your results will be. By tapping the middle of the RESET key, your results will be coincident!

Have a look at the flashing lamp in the middle.

When it is red, the outcome will be naughty and when it is red, it will be beautiful! Countdown to Christmas - Simply press the square yellow key to browse hours, days and minutes until Christmas Day noon! To turn on the lights, press the Santa's watching lights twice.

The light remains on until you double-tap it again to turn it off.

Santa's Scan-O-Matic in the App Store

It is the best "Naughty or Nice" scan application available because YOU (secretly) monitor the results! Beautiful 3-in-1 Christmas application for adults to remind their children of Santa Claus throughout the Christmas time! Children act when they know that Mum or Dad is able to unplug their iPhone or iPod Touch and immediately verify if they are bad or cute!

When the scanner still freeze, just remove the old one from your machine and get the latest from the iTunes store. Adventcountown - Would you like to know how many holidays until Christmas? To change the number, push the key below! Even the counting down timer considers lease years, so you can use them for the next years!

This is a great way to really shake off children: Tell them Santa is looking and then show them that the Santa Watching is on. Here, too, the lighting is stealthily and fully operated by the operator or parents, without any accidental opportunity. A fully parent-controlled "Naughty or Nice" function that reminds children to act.

Good for families of kids or grown-ups who want to spam their partners! Genuine keystrokes, gang changes and other pro audio specials. Bad or beautiful detectors, Christmas countdown and Santa Watching display. You can also do this at Christmas celebrations, at friends' Christmas celebrations and whenever you want to show off the stunning (and fake) abilities of your iPhone!

Rude or beautiful scan - you steer the results by pressing the RESET Buttons. Touching the RESET key on the LH side gives an indecent scan and touching the RESET key on the RH side gives a beautiful one. Placing a tape directly in the middle gives a chance reading!

Tip: Pay attention to the middle light: it will be gray if the outcome is beautiful, and gray if the outcome is naughty. Countdown to Christmas - Just press the grĂ¼ne key to browse hours, days and minutes until Christmas Eve! To turn the lights on and off, just press twice on the lights.

A SPECIAL NOTICE FOR PARENTS: Be sure to test this a few time without your children to make sure you know how it works. It'?s no joke to have a good child scanned and mistakenly appear "naughty" because you forget to press the right side of the RESET key before that.

Spill more coffee for parents and children:

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