Santa Video call

Christmas Video Call

Original Video Call Santa is back with new features and personal options. Select from free and high-quality videos that are tailored to the beautiful and even the naughty. Download your free personalized video of Santa Claus online now! Christmas video, letters from Santa and more guaranteed to make Christmas magical! Chat live with Santa Claus, children see and talk live with Santa Claus via Skype on the PC.

Video call Santa Claus in the App Store

Video Call Santa is back with new functions and personalizability. - Video phone conversations are not genuine, but have been pre-recorded with our expert comedian. Call Santa Video is free to be downloaded and used. While our application is fun enough to use without payment, some in-app products can be bought for cash to personalize your time.

It is possible to deactivate In-App purchase in the instrument preferences. Thanks for using Video Call Santa. Santa Claus video call running quicker and more smoothly with this upgrade. Thanks for using Video Call Santa. - 1000 extra name added. Some of the new functions are listed below. - 6 new stories plus our orginal Naughty or Nice game.

  • Now you can have Santa Claus welcome your child by that name. He is 6 years old and his eye is shining bright when he saw Santa Claus. Unless you wanted more choice or better value, I like that they didn't ask you to buy anything.

Santa Claus video call

Now you can get the video conversation with Santa Claus and find out what your kid wants for this Christmas without having to ask them directly. Call Santa Video has a funny way for your kid dies to speak to the previously captured Santa Claus on video calls. Prepare for this Christmas to make it unforgettable for your little ones.

  • Connect immediately to Santa or specify a specific date and hour when you want to make a video call. - Answer inbound video phone conversations from Santa Claus and video chats with him. - Every call is saved as a video recording for your parent to store in the photo application and shared via Messenger or Facebook.
  • Pupils can watch the password-protected video footage to find out what the children want for this Christmas. - Share video footage of your children and Santa Claus having a video chats with the outside meets the whole globe on important community pages. - Video phone conversations are not genuine, but have been pre-recorded with our expert comedian.
  • Pictures are only for you to store or divide. Many thanks to Kenassa Kioke and Patricia blackned for passing on this astonishing video by Triistian, which has become virtual with 570k view and numbering.

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