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Gehirnatrophie MRT Scan Stock Photo

Gehirnatrophie. Color magnetoresonance tomography (MRT) of a section of the sagittum through the brains of a 51-year-old man showing zerebral anemia. Partial cerebellar apoplexy appears in various diseases, among them strokes, Alzheimer's and AIDS-ementia. Cut through the green/red brains and showing the large folding cerebellum (top).

The area of the superior brain affected by apoplexy is colored deep reddish. Athrophy is shrinking and waste of tissues. Strokes cause cerebral cell death due to circulation in the brains; Alzheimer's causes cerebral dysfunction and leads to senior Dementia.

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Part of, Medical Scanner, Persons, Authorization - Concept, Photography, Security, Security, Sensor, Spy, Square, Technology, Touch, Unlock, Use of Computer, Women, Russia, Biometry, Computer, Computer Monitor, Data, Digital Display, Digital Display, Digital Display, Hand, Human Hand, ID Card, Key, Password, Security System, Signature, Digital Signature Scanning - Photo rendering picture. Personal release by means of biometric fingersprinting.

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