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Best 26 Free and Premium Education Website Templates 2018

Seventy-two percent of our university' s graduates first go to the university's website before personally attending it. Educational websites receive an overall length of 2.86 min on average, while visitor visits are 2.5 min on the average. The statistics will help you better understanding how important a website is for educational use.

Below are the best free and premium educational website templates will help you to create an basic educational website or help you create an MMS. State-of-the-art website templates are based on HTML5 and CSS3, which gives you many user-friendly functions. State-of-the-art HTML website templates also made customization easier, but not as straightforward as in WordPress.

Below are the best templates for educational websites based on HTML and on the Bootstrap Framework. On line classes on any subject and category are permitted to promote with the Website templates of our website powered by our powerful Course Area. There are many functions of a premier tools, but it surprised with the free downloading possibility for private and business use.

The Edusite is a robust website templates with a wide range of asset types that you can use to your benefit. This can be a website for a college or an on-line learning site, Edusite has the capability for everything. Bildung goes directly to the point with both its name and its designs.

But before you even try it, you already know what you're getting, a templates for an educational website that happens to be free to use. However, the free part of the bill must not expel you. Instead, you'll be surprised and struck by the number of premier educational feature sets.

Streamlined for excellent service, expanded for effective browsing and prepared for all your needs, this is Education. No matter what you intend to use it for, Education always ensures that the final result is of the highest possible standard and works at a steady and trouble-free rate. The Education Pack also includes inside pages for info, classes, activities and blogs.

Make things right with schooling. It' s modern, fashionable and full of functions for your appealing webpage. Eskwela has all the prerequisites from top to bottom that will take your educational website to new highs. Among the outstanding characteristics are a full width slide control, accumulators, charging of scrolling contents and a fascinating parallel axis effect.

You can do all this successfully with the Skwela website submission. The use of the templates is easy for anyone to use to the fullest of Skwela' s capabilities. The Unicat is a professionally looking website design tool for learning websites. There is a free boatstrap website submission. Website Sample is a multi-page website sample with all the necessary web pages you will need in a professionally educated website.

Based on HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and Bootstrap frameworks. This website pattern is standard portable and light-weight. It can also be used as a multifunctional website artwork with tidy transitions, galery backlighting, palladium and hyperlinks. E-zuca is a website with a contemporary look for educational institutions.

Has all the items you can look for in a contemporary website; it makes this website as one of the best templates for educational sites. This website's detailed submission form is stunning. This is a multi-page website submission. The website is based on the HTML5, CSS3 and bootstrap frameworks.

The website templates are optimised for maximum performance and react immediately after unpacking. The Unica is a website model for boatstrap training. It' a free draft for an edutainment website. Website templates are designed to reflect both pro and youthful attributes, making them a great fit for an educated website.

Unica is a one-page website submission. Based on the HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Bootstrap frameworks. This website pattern is standard portable and light-weight. Intelligently crafted for educational sites, this site offers fantastic functionality including our Bannerslider, sleek Handlers, Galerie Glowbox Effect and soft-scroll. The website submission is the best option for college, academy, university, school, kindergarten and all other educational related sites.

The Lingua is a colourful, contemporary teaching tool. You' ll get awesome results when you move the menus, the clear text and colourful paragraphs make this website pattern a fashionable one. This is a one-page education website design based on the HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap frameworks.

The website templates are optimised for maximum performance and react immediately after unpacking. Specify the range of portfolios on this website submission. Small touch overlays look professionally designed, and the operator can even move effortlessly between folders to see the works you want. The University is a premier website for educational institutions.

It is a boatstrap compliant website submission. It looks very professionally; any reputable education establishment can immediately deploy and run this website submission. University website submission has seven page layouts and seven seperate web pages. It' a multi-page website submission with all the standard websites you need in one website.

Contents blocs are organized in logical order, making this website submission unbelievably informational, but not cluttered with information. The Education site templates also have a built-in purchase page that allows you to simply resell your education material and other online form items on the site itself. All in all, this website submission is great for the amount of cash you are spending and is great for all your university and college needs.

It is a website for pre-school educational for youngsters. As it is for youngsters, the site is full of colours and appealing cartoon animations, but it is made proportional so that the artwork looks professionally. It is a premier website presentation with seven different page styles, three different kinds of galleries and six different kinds of newsgroups.

Because it is a multi-page website submission, it has all the essential pages you need for a pro website. The website submission also support e-commerce out of the box. eCommerce out of the Box. Featuring corporate pages, dedicated blogs area, products catalog, this website submission can be used as a multi-purpose submission. Educational is an all in all in all educational website submission.

They can use this website submission for higher learning institutions, higher learning institutions, academies, and any kind of learning website. It' a model for an extensive website on schooling. Our website is based on the HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap frameworks. But if you plan to transform this website submission into another CMS site, you can simply do so; it is a well encoded website submission.

There are all items of the site like bars, desks and bars. Web page sections are also well thought-out to make them information and interesting for the users. It' also a multi-page website submission, and it also suports e-commerce functions. This is a professionally looking website presentation.

Web Site Sample is the best choice for educational institutions, course providers and other such educational Web sites. Layout and segmentation of the website templates are all arranged in a logical way, making this one of the best templates for your website. Featuring functions such as pallax scroll, gooey top menus, and instant messaging capabilities, this premier educational web site submission offers a variety of educational tools.

All Google webfont support and cross-browser compatibility make this website submission highly customizable. UNIVERSAL is a fashionable looking website design for an educational website. It' a HTML website submission form. Because it is a premier submission, customization, and other small changes, the end users can perform them lightly, but to a certain extent.

It' a multi-page website submission that has ten pages preconfigured. It uses contemporary colours and line patterns to reflect the latest trends in designs. There are professional functions like donate, fundraising detail, meetings and meeting detail. The Univer is based on HTML5, CSS3 and reacts flexibly. The website templates are also interoperable across different webbrowsers so they will look the same in all common webmasters.

is a minimalist, bootstrap-compatible website submission. There are two kinds of templates, one with a permanent menubar and the other is a regular item in the Navigate pane. It' a neat looking website for educational institutions with a lot of blanks and easy symbols. It is a multi-page website submission containing three ready-made pages.

Animations and other transitions are neat and pro. Based on HTML5 and CSS3, this website submission is cross-browser compliant and supports great icon and Google typefaces. All of these functions are free; yes, it is a free website submission for educational institutions. Most of the above educational website templates are HTML5 templates, most of which use the Bootstrap framework.

Or you can turn this website submission into WordPress or just jump over it and choose a ready-to-use WordPress Educational website submission. We' ve already compiled a listing of the best free WordPress Educational website templates. Below you will find the best WordPress website templates. Acadamy is more than a website model for learning.

This is a managment system; this makes the website templates of the Academy different from the HTML website templates above. The WordPress website will help you to set up and manage your own profiles for each individual visitor. Use this website submission to customize your mail type with tutorials, lectures, experiences and transparencies. WooCommerce is included with Academy, which allows you to simply market your teaching material and other products on your website.

One of the best WordPress learning website templates you can find on the web. It offers you ten plus demonstration pages and additional functions that you need on an educative website. Whether you are creating a basic one-page website or an LMS, Edupro has a home page for you; this makes the Edupro website templates the best option for learning centres, company trainings, coach centres, trainers, colleges, academies, universities andools.

The site provides functions for creating event, selling course items on-line with WooCommerce, member assistance and drop food inventory options according to your timetable. The LMS is one of the most popular and highly commended WordPress educational website templates. Like the Academy, this website offers a learners' resource system.

From now on this website submission has six demonstrations. Customize your website with this WordPress website templates features like extended grids, super meal option and four different mealtimes. Adjusting the design is also simple with this website templat. The website templates also support WooCommerce, which will help you to manage and manage your course sales with ease.

The Lincoln educational website submission is one of a kind with its own style appeal. Follows the familiar materials styling for this WordPress website templates. Looks neat, tidy, professional and colourful. The website templates are the best choices for colleges; the use of colours, typefaces and segmentation makes this website look regal.

You can also create a video event section on this site, and you can insert video between sections to make it interactively for the users. The WordPress website templates also support WooCommerce to help you administer and advertise your educational website training course. Smart Course is also a WordPress Learningmanagement System website submission system.

It' a neat looking website for schools, with nice typefaces and minimum transitionals. The website submission is filled with eleven ready-made web pages that will help you get started quickly and simply. education presse is a feature-packed best value for your dollar WordPress website presentation price/quality ratio for Education. It' a colourful, contemporary looking website artwork that is best suited for schools, colleges, kindergartens, preschools and all types of learning sites.

Its four kinds of homepage variants cover all the needs of the educational website.

Together with the topic, you also get WordPress plug-ins like Visual Composer, Layerslider and Schedule for WP. The website templates also include WooCommerce built-in features. Its design also includes useful user-defined items such as price boxes, count down buttons, categories widgets and progress bars. Skilful training website submission is also a perfect search engine and performance website.

Acadamia is a feature-rich WordPress educational website submission. No matter whether you need to create a basic educational site or have chosen to create a complex on-line course content creation system, this website submission can help you reach your vision website. The website templates come with the Visual Composer Page Builder, which makes customizing the themes a breeze.

Topic Builder also provides user-defined add-ons for forthcoming sessions, LMS course, Incoming mail vertically, and Pinboard. From now on this website presentation offers you seven demonstrations. The topic is SEO-optimized, speed-optimized, fast reacting on the move and interoperable across browsers. You' ll also find other useful functions such as preparation for translations, RTL and calendars of happenings.

Callyas is a versatile WordPress website submission. There is a seperate pattern for an Bildungswebsite in his library. It' a cutting-edge WordPress topic; this templates offers a one-of-a-kind website design that differs from any of the templates for learning websites you can find in this article. It' a multi-page website submission with all the necessary functions you need for an educative website.

It is the best option for a university, college or academy. The Kallyas comes with the visually designed web site editor, which makes it simple for even novices to customize the site with its drag-drop user experience. Together with him you also get revolutionary sliders and WooCommerce pre-bundled with this topic. The WPLMS is the WordPress favorite training system training website presentation training system on this WPLMS mailing schedule.

There are more than sixteen thousand hits on this website submission; this shows the website submission is of high qualit. Featuring eight demonstration choices, this website submission is the best option for education institutions, business trainings, coach centres, trainers, colleges, academies, universities and colleges. The website templates are translatable, support RTL, optimised RTL, optimised REO, optimised performance and can be used on the move.

This is the best educational website design that you can use for your educational website. Whatever kind of educational services you offer, there is an optimal website submission for you in this listing. It is better to use WordPress templates for your personal use, because WordPress templates give you more useful features, especially the LMS function.

When you are looking for a basic website style sheet, you can select either HTML style sheet or WordPress style sheet. You have a choise.

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