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Alva Vanderbilt and her distinguished family's captivating novel while they govern New York's Gilded Age,..... The mysteriously darkly dressed character has been wandering the world for hundreds of years, looking for those whose accomplices and..... Contemporary novel that combines past and present to investigate the ability of man to be elastic and compassionate....

A profoundly narrative, profoundly individual and touching, with a historic aspect of crucial and intricate meaning,.... This is a warmer, weirder, keenly watched first novel about what happens when a couple is compelled to stay together for a whole weekend.... never comming back is a bright and penetrating tale about a young lady who finds her way into real, resolved to.....

It is a deep, convincing, voice-controlled emotional tension of the debutant Ali Land. Complete results are for members only - but you can compare more than one topic using the right hand button. Discover the many advantages of being a member here. Reviewers of each and every volume decide which category it should belong in - but we are only people, errors are made.

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Are you looking for books on a certain subject, a certain season or a certain subject? Have a look at our books and find exactly what you are looking for! Books listings comprise our serials, summaries for each of the months of the year, thematic compilations, summaries, and much more. Join the year in books! Discover our award-winning books using LEE & LOW's suggested books per months.

Each month, these proposals help pupils to deal with a wider range of books and can be used to enhance topical sessions. This section provides suggested books on different civilizations, worldwide comprehension, local culture, literature, and more. Keeping your children read throughout the entire month with the 2018 Miscellaneous Summers Reading List PreK-8 and LEE & LOW BOOKS proposals.

Battle against the water chute and open your mind by read different writers and books. It' s almost September and the end of the winter months is approaching. Join us in getting the year off to a good beginning with the Back-to-School reading list for grades PreK-8 and proposals from LEE & LOW BOOKS.

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