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Find out how email encryption can help protect your sensitive email. A GoDaddy announces email encryption and email archival capabilities for Office 365 Office 365 endpoints. NYSE:GDDY, the world's leading small enterprise technologies company, today unveiled the release of two new capabilities, email archiving and email encryption, for Office 365 Office 365 endpoints. Available as an add-on service to all GoDaddy Office 365 subscribers, the new capabilities will make it easy for small shopkeepers to transfer, save, and secure precious information about their company and their subscribers, and help regulatory compliance for those in regulatory sectors.

"It has never been more important for small companies to securely store precious information in an ever more networked world," said Irana Wasti, VP of Product, Productivity Applications, GoDaddy. "For most small shopkeepers, however, the real thing is that the day-to-day operations of their company keep them more than busy. GoDaddy email encryption and archiving capabilities give our clients the confidence that both their corporate and client information is secure so they can concentrate on building their enterprise.

" E-mail encryption: GoogleDaddy is partnering with Proofpoint, a cutting-edge leader in next-generation digital information protection, to deliver GoDaddy Email Encryption, which enables consumers to safely email sensitive information - such as health record and regulatory compliance document - by securing the information as it travels. "This will ensure that only the intended receiver sees the content of an email so that companies working in controlled sectors can comply and escape sanctions.

"With GoDaddy email encoding, which operates a dentist's office that needs to be HIPAA conform, I have found a cost-effective and easy-to-use way to email patients information," says Rayna Hwynn, Buffalo Square Desktop. The most important characteristics and advantages are: Safeguard your customers' confidence and keep your information sensitive: Scramble to ensure that customers' information does not fall into the wrong hands, protecting the company's reputations and customers' confidence.

In-house email recipients can write, view and reply to all encoded email via their inboxes. Outside visitors receive a hyperlink to a web site where they can view and reply to the email through a clear, easy-to-navigate user experience. The GoDaddy staff takes over the user set-up procedure, i.e. the service is up and running as soon as the voicemail has been set up.

Enterprises can then build a filter that identifies automatic outgoing email to be ciphered. Email archival GoDaddy: GoDaddy Email Archiving is conducted in collaboration with Sonian, a publicly-clouded information archival firm, to ensure that email information and attachment is safely archived in a conforming, high- security email archives solution. E-mail archival safeguards key information contained in e-mails such as staff files and financial reports, while providing simple accessibility for those who need it.

"We as an independent financial advisor are obliged to have a complete e-mail archive for regulatory purposes. GoDaddy's GoDaddy approach was affordably priced and very simple to use," said Joshua Kohn, President/Chief Compliance Officer, Silkworth Capital Partners LLC. The most important characteristics and advantages are: Restore email and attachments: Restore email information and email attachment even if accidentally erased by people.

Archive contents are hosted in modern, geographically distributed datacenters that comply with stringent regulatory and safety requirements. Easy retention and email accessibility for current and former employees: Secure, tamper-proof retention and ongoing accessibility to idle or erased inboxes, keeping information browseable and available for download even after employee departures. E-mail encryption and archiving can be added a la cart te to a GoDaddy Office 365 accounts or as part of GoDaddy's new Premium Protection Bundle, which combines Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium, encryption and archiving in one affordable bundle.

Further information on e-mail encryption can be found here. Further information on e-mail archiving can be found here. GoDaddy's goal is to transform the world economic system in a radical way towards life-filling companies. Serving more than 14 million clients around the world and more than 63 million managed domains, GoDaddy provides small businesses with the power to name their ideas, create a great web experience, win clients and run their businesses.

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