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Safe Website Builder

The only thing you need to do when using a Web Builder is to choose a secure password. Your website is insecure (not https://). We' ve reviewed all the major website builders on the market. The Wix is the best all-round website builder, followed by MyWebsite, Webbly, Voog and Jimdo.

Safest and most hack-proof website builder

A key feature you should look for when choosing a Website Builder is the safety it provides for your company's website. Shields such as the verdant lock icon that escorts an HTTPS site and SSL Certificates seal reassure consumers that their privacy is protected.

Also, you need to keep your Web site secure and hack-proof to keep your own personal information safe and to keep your company information safe from evilybirdieers. Functions such as malware screening, a firewall, secure server and user-defined SSL certificate are essential for a successfull corporate identity. We' ve checked out the best website builder so you can see how they perform against our own in terms of web site safety.

The Wix is packed with safety functions. This provides a free SSL dedication for every Web site created with Web Builder, whether free or chargeable, so you can turn your new Web site into an HTTPS site to ensure that all information your Web site transmits and recieves is secure.

We use TLS encoding and are using standard SSL 27018 and PCI DSS encoding to ensure the safety of your own private data, which could endanger your website as well as the private data of your clients. Wix not only protects your complete website passphrase as you create it, but you can also place custom passphrase protections on certain pages of the website so you can manage who has acces to each page.

After all, even the most secure website is only as secure as the latest one. With Wix, it's simple to keep all your applications and pages up to date to avoid vulnerabilities. WebsiteBuilder guarantees that your website will not fail thanks to its secure server with several backup points.

However, there is little information about how it will help you safeguard your new website. Although you can switch between an HTTP and an HTTPS site with ease, it's not clear that SiteBuilder provides the SSL dedicate SSL that gives a HTTPS site its dent. WebsiteBuilder also cautions that it cannot ensure that all visitors will be directed to the secure site if HTTPS is enabled. provides a fully administered secure SSL server that provides you with a customized SSL Certificates to build an HTTPS secure Web site. Our active safety supports include free day-to-day backup, periodic scan for viruses, a world-class wall plugin protection and automated updating for your plug-ins and WordPress platforms. It is only available to those who purchase the Web Plans or use the Do It For me policy.

Do It For Me also provides periodic maintanance and updating to keep your website virus-free with the latest corrections. Web sites created with can set up a secure Web site and purchase a customized SSL Certificates separate if they do not want the Pro Plans. There is also a web site data protection add-on that increases the safety of your web site by concealing the personally identifiable information associated with the web site.

You can' t upgrade your normal and your portable website at the same go, which gives room for vulnerabilities. The GoDaddy has recently implemented advanced web site vulnerability checks for sites created on its own platforms. Acquire high-performance SSL customized certificate power for one or more sites to secure your new site with world-class SHA-2 and 2048-bit ciphers.

ItĀ also provides an enhanced vulnerability pack supported by Sucuri to help keep your website safe from attack. Included in the schedule are periodic scan and remove of malware, enhanced threat surveillance for DDoS, Google and zero-day exploits, and round-the-clock tech-support. At Weebly, we provide password-protected pages to help keep your site safe from vulnerable sites and people.

Every Web site created on Weebly has built-in DDoS attack prevention, while user-defined SSL with 128-bit encoding is embedded in Web sites created according to the Top Animal Blueprint. Using a more cost-effective scheme, you can still include an SSL certificate as a pay add-on to your Web site.

Deluxe's Website Builder provides several different level of protection as add-ons when you create a website there. SSL Certificate for HTTPS Web sites and e-mail defenses to help keep your corporate e-mail safe from virus, viruses, malware intrusion, and fraud. The Deluxe Sitelock Bundle periodically checks your website for the presence of a malicious program, removing any identified threat, providing blacklisting, antispam and 24x7 tech assistance.

They can be bought separately or as part of a web host bundle. Site123's Web site builder and site123 host ing-platform offer a variety of safety functions as part of the base suite. Complimentary webhosting includes a world-class firewall and regular backup to keep your information secure while all your web sites are housed on a secure servers.

Any Web sites created on Site123 are HTTPS with a user-defined SSL Certificate, which includes those in the free Web Banking Plan. With Shopify as a premier e-commerce website creation solution, it's not strange that Shopify provides many safety functions. Shopify Web sites are all PCI DSS Tier 1 PCI enabled to help mitigate the risks of fraudulent transactions and secure your customers' personally identifiable information.

Complimentary 256-bit user-defined DSL Certificate is also provided as a default on all Web pages created with Shopify for encrypting all information. shopify will install and activate automatic upgrades on all your web pages so that you don't end up with endangered vulnerabilities in your safety net. In addition, Web pages are host on Shopify's secure server, and your information is protected from virus and virus threats by Secure Web Services Firewall (OpenBSD).

As you begin to build your website, there are many things you need to consider before deciding which Website Builder to use. Each company needs different service and gives different emphasis to the functions it offers, but safety characteristics are crucial. With all the above information now available, take the easy way to make an educated choice about which secure and hack-proof Website Builder solution is right for you.

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