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Simple handling for non-html users of Wordpress. Stockholmthema is one of the simplest and most complete themes I have worked with. Latest tweets from select themes (@SelectThemes). Our production of WordPress topics is of high quality.

Stockhom - A true multi-concept topic through selected themes

Wellcome to Stockholm, a cosmopolitan topic with many concepts. What exactly do we mean when we talk about a true multi-concept? With Stockholm you can simply build a breathtaking contemporary website for your dining, hotels, business, company, marriage and a fully reactive WordPress Blog. and it' really simple.

Who' d have thought a one topic could bring all this to you? Send a request to and our technical staff will help you with the problem related to our topic or the WordPress setup. - Backups has been added to the Select Option section. Field for export/import settings, user-defined page bars and Widgets added. - Portfolio individualotypes ''Wide Left'' and''Wide Right'' added - Standard Store Design added.

  • The " from: " contact sheet has been enhanced with a tag containing the sender's full name and e-mail instead of " WordPress ".

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You' ll be spending most of your working hours in this schedule, receiving immediate fixes on what's important to you. If you see a tweet you like, touch the center - it lets the character who has written it know that you divided the passion. And the quickest way to split someone else's tweet with your supporters is with a retweet.

Touch the symbol to immediately ship it. Include your thoughts about each tweet with an answer. Identify a subject you are enthusiastic about and step right in. Immediately get an overview of what folks are discussing now. Keep following other email addresses to get immediate update on issues that matter to you. View the latest talks on any subject now.

Get instant information about the best tales that happen during their creation.

Choose topics First steps - Stockholm Capri Bodega Kloe Graphic - Envato Hosted in Stockholm

The first time you log into WordPress, you will see some standard alerts and the Envato Hosting Getting started wizard: To close the WP Bakery Page Builder (also known as Visual Composer) application, click the Start button. It is included with your design and does not need to be activated. If you are asked to do so, you must download or upgrade the necessary plug-ins that come with your design before you can download page styles or completely customize them.

You' ll usually see a hint at the top of your page when plug-ins need to be added or updated: Bundles of plug-ins like WP Bakery Page Builder (Visual Composer), Revolution Slider, LayerSlider, etc. that are part of your design are administered by the design and cannot be upgraded by hand on the major plugin page.

It is safe to reject and disregard any mount or registry notes for these plug-ins, as they will be refreshed when the topic is refreshed through the above mentioned procedure. You can see how many plug-ins need to be added, enabled or upgraded at the top of the screen.

Under each plug-in with a necessary day that isn't already in place, click Install, and then click Back to necessary plug-in installer when it's done. Some plug-ins may take a few moments to install. Refresh Slider Revolution and Visual Composer individually, if available. Enable the necessary plug-ins if they are disabled.

From the Post Types drop-down list, select Custom, make sure the Page, Portfolio, Product, and Post are enabled, and then click Submit. Once you have logged in directly from the topic page on, you must choose whether you want to begin the construction of your website from the ground up or whether you want to begin with one of the ready-made demonstration layouts.

Advantage of a fresh start is that you get the most clean results and only the contents you made. They can be used for topics with more than one demonstration on the thumbnail page of the topic: As a rule, this upload procedure lasts about 5 min, while large pictures and contents are uploaded to your website.

Navigate to Preferences > Read and select a static page, then select the page you want from the Title Page drop-down list. Leaving the Blog drop-down menu empty is best because your design uses a style sheet. Adapt most aspect of your design, such as color, font, layout, effect, and more, using the Topic Option panels.

Page pages that have been generated with the Page builder show a wireless frame or page item spacing, followed by a set of page settings that you can use to overwrite the default settings for your page. You can find a detailled list of the page choices under Select pages. If you are working on pages, posts, or portfolio members that have been generated with WP Bakery Page builder, you can modify the contents of an item by moving the mouse over the item and click the stylus symbol.

Explore what kind of sliders your homepage uses: Firstly, do you see a sliders area in your outline? Usually this is at the top and says Revolution sliders etc.. You have a Revolutionlider. Browse down to the Select General option and look at the box labeled Small number: Short code:

The short code shows you the name of the slide it is using. The example above shows the Home Mainlider. Find the name of the sliders used on your page and click on the number in the third row. It is just a simple way to see all the transparencies associated with this slide control.

In order to delete the pushbutton, return the name of the pushbutton and the contents of the shortcut field. Caution for those of you who migrate or import contents from a website that has not been used by StartIt: Mail items such as portfolio, testimonial, etc. from another topic that were not generated by Select will probably not work with your design and will need to be re-created with the mail items of your design.

Pages that have been designed in a different design that uses a builder or shortcuts other than WP Bakery Page Builder or Visual Composer do not look the same when you import them into your new Web site or display contents and must be redesigned. So if you had postings like an event or product made with a plug-in on your old website, you need to have those plug-ins installed before you can import your own HTML!

You' ll also need to do a few other things in WordPress before you are willing to start: Choose topics:

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