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Die Self-Service Web Design Movement and its Impact on Webdesigner Only a few years ago, setting up a basic website took many rows of codes and a good deal of engineering to do. With the recent emergence of the Squarespace platform, a small shopkeeper can have a website up and run in a matter of minutes without programming skills or expertise. To many, these kinds of platform will help saving both valuable resources and valuable resources.

Web design professionals and programmers may wonder if the technologies have crossed their borders. Is web design work endangered due to the use of plattforms such as Squarespace? Squarepace is part of a wider automatization movement that has expanded far and broadly across different industry sectors and beyond face-to-face Web sites. Shopify, the highly acclaimed automatic e-commerce solution, allows shoppers to build a fully featured store with just a few clicks and then load a few stock articles.

This platform allows the user to quickly and simply create a page to land an upcoming meeting with the bell and whistle of ticket and community register. This platform transforms the once long engineering processes into a smooth and code-free one. Now that the self-service tendency is growing in all sectors, many think it could cause difficulties for web design professionals and development engineers.

However, I would not yet estimate the value of IT studies, as these automatic plattforms have their limits. Even though these plattforms can be the sandwich of a freelancer or small businessman who "only needs one website", these sites are still just framework sites designed for the crowd and do not have the polished and intricate functionality a serious corporate website needs.

This kind of requirement goes so far beyond the possibilities of generically designed templates that it would be tantamount to trying to put an elephant in the boot of a MINI Cooper. Given these constraints on self-service computing I think it's certain to say that web design orders won't go anywhere in the near future.

However, to remain relevance for years to come, programmers should use these plattforms to achieve more in less as well. With the evolution of the automatization trends, it will only impact those designer who have no added value, except the integration of some design optimizations into templating sites. Designer and programmer must be able to work together to create compelling, feature-rich designs that can be used by more than one person in more than one project.

Designer and programmers who have difficulty doing anything other than add a few cosmetical functions will have difficulty keeping up. Although plattforms like Squarespace have their limits, templates are not lost. Adopting these adaptations and adopting these fixes for what they are valuable, webmasters should be able to get some rest, because they know that there is still value in coding.

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