Sell Music on Wordpress

Do you sell music on Wordpress

Website running on WordPress (It is a content management system. This is a web server to host the content of your website. Plug-ins allow you to do everything from demoing your music to selling your equipment.

Selling music online with WordPress (3 simple steps)

The creation and operation of an on-line shop requires some work - there is no shift for sugars. But if you do it right, you can turn your shop into a profitable one. To reach this degree of succes, you need to make your shop look like the kind of item you are reselling, and if you plan to sell music on-line, there is a little more to consider.

Your shop, for example, must be furnished differently in order to be able to sell items such as music, as distinct from clothes or electronic equipment. You need a way to sell your shop's electronic data simply, such as the WooCommerce plug-in, and a way to display your music in a clear and concise way.

You can always sell your music through iTunes or BandCamp, but it's a good way to sell your own music, bonuses or even souvenirs in your own shop in small quantities (like e.g. customized vinyls). This article shows you how to sell music with WordPress on-line. In particular, how to use WooCommerce and the WooCommerce Product Table plug-in to sell your own music on-line.

We assume before we start that you have a WordPress site up and running. WorldPress is both powerfull and versatile and can readily be used to build a flourishing e-commerce shop. Using this out of the way, the next job is to Add WooCommerce to your website.

Featuring a powerful yet powerful plug-in that turns your WordPress page into a fully featured shop window, this plug-in provides basic features for you to sell music through WordPress online: In order to start, browse to Plugins > New in your WordPress dashboard. To find "WooCommerce", use the Find box and click the Install Now button:

Choose that too and WooCommerce will be fully featured on your website! They will help you with the configuration of your new shop, the creation of important pages and the creation of important items such as delivery costs. You can find more information in our full WooCommerce installation instructions. As soon as you have WooCommerce and run through the installation assistant, you have an empty shop at hand.

That means it's finally timeto append items. The WooCommerce offers a specific WordPress user-defined mail types to allow the addition of items to the Eastern part of the site. In order to insert a new WooCommerce article from your own dashboard, go to Tools > Insert New: Here you can insert your first WooCommerce article. On the right side bar, you can also associate the browse with one or more catagories, give it some description tag and even send pictures.

The " WooCommerce meats " can be found in the product information section: As your aim is to sell music on-line, the first thing you should do is tick both the top and bottom box. As a result, the choices you see easily are changed to include the sale of music file content on-line rather than the sale of physically created products:

Then you can continue to type in a quote for the article and up-load the file (s) that consumers get when purchasing under Downloads file(s). They can also be configured to set a limitation on how often they can be fetched and whether they work. Please also have a look at the product brief on the right below.

There you can insert embed audioplayers so your clients can listen to what your music is like. As soon as you've finished setup your first item, click the Publish icon to publish it to your shop. Continue until you have added all the tracks, records, etc. you want to sell.

From a technical point of view, the first two stages are all that is needed to get your shop up and run. But, a WooCommerce set-up is not necessarily the best way to sell music on-line. Keeping things the way they are, your clients need to browse each and every page of your products to hear all your music, hear your samples, and order what they want.

In addition, music usually doesn't require many complicated descriptions or large pictures, and WooCommerce's standard layouts draw special notice to these items. Instead, you can present everything you have to sell on a one page spreadsheet. It is an organised, visual way to present your music.

Clients can see everything available in your business at once, and you can give them all the important detail without asking too much of them. They can even directly integrate sampling audioplayers into the tables for each item. In order to create such a site, you need the WooCommerce Device Cable Plugin:

Streamlined to work seamlessly with WooCommerce, this utility allows you to customise exactly how your products spreadsheet looks and how it works. Once you have purchased the plug-in, you can reinstall it like any other third-party plug-in. Navigate to Plugins > Create New and choose the plug-in that you have just loaded.

Check the plug-in and then go to WooCommerce > Preferences in your desktop. Browse to the Products page and choose Products Charts to input your licence key: Many of the options offered here allow you to optimize the functionality of your products chart. When enabled, you place drop-down lists above your spreadsheet so clients can organize it by defining how tags, e.g. category, are sorted.

Activate the checkbox with the name Shortcodes in the spreadsheet. On the Toggle Toolbar screen, click Insert Toggle, and then choose Insert Products Tables. The short code retrieves all the preferences you have just adjusted and configures your products spreadsheet for you. You can further optimize your products chart if you wish, until it is exactly right.

You' re willing to sell music on-line. Clients can then use it to view all available songs and simply buy them. Best shops are optimised for the kind of product offered. If you want to sell music with WordPress on-line, for example, you must be careful when designing your shop.

The WooCommerce is an great place to start, but you will also want your clients to have an optimized way to browse your music and make choices as well as other WooCommerce enhancements to enhance more functions and adding additional functions. If you have any queries regarding the setup of your WooCommerce articles or the layout of your WooCommerce products chart, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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