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However, most of them stay with Envato and only sell their topics there. Sell and Be an Authors - Envato Market Help Center What method of paying the writer do I use? Can I use what type of asset in my objects? Can I place a link in my article descriptions, previews or downloads? When can I submit a new article?

Is it possible for outside bloggers or companies to buy my article and then give it away as a present / price?

Is it possible to sell my articles for free as advertising articles? May I use already available Audioloops sample?

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Can you sell what? Anything that is digitally and creatively, from website artwork to archive material. The CodeCanyon is the place where you can sell and buy codescripts and plug-ins of all types and for all uses. We have a great selection of royalty-free movies, artwork and animations in our market place for all things related to them.

WordPress to shopify, Themeforest is the world's leading platform for high-quality website content. GraphicRiver is the ideal place for graphic and designer objects, from logos to lettering, from Photoshop promotions to printed matter. The PhotoDune is home to a vast library of royalty-free stick photographs suitable for all types of projects.

A must-have for success in the Envato market: insider's manual

Encompassing 5 must-do policies, Henry Rise, ThemeRex' chief executive, Power Elite writer on Themeforest, shares his experiences to help you make headway in the Envato industry. We are now Power Elite Authors and have over 140 WordPress topics in our product range. Yet these easy puzzles take you nearer the Envato's glory screen.

Elevato levies a certain charge on its writers. Now, excluding writers deserve more than the non-exclusive, as Envato has a more profitable pay model that uses its market place only to sell its products. If you sell your articles solely on Envato, you are not allowed to sell them anywhere else, up to and personal website.

You are, however, free to sell other articles that are not in our warehouse. Secondly, we have tried to sell our product on a number of other markets and have finally switched back to Envato's exclusive sales. I' m not going to make you bored with the long phrase we have deduced, but in plain words, Envato generates more profits than all other flows of revenue put together.

When your motif is hijacked and sells elsewhere, it is you who will bring Envato to justice. The Envato service is very adaptable in terms of our quotation policies and allows our writers to set the desired tariff. There' s a certain minumum of $12. Some writers choose to set the minumum possible askingprice.

With Envato you have the exposition you can hardly reach on your own. But if you want to make it big, don't just depend on Envato. Envato has strongly supported the writers from the beginning. Marketplaces are expanding so rapidly that you need extra advertising to differentiate yourself.

Whether you like it or not, today your company is driven by your own brand - and sales through Envato are no different. The Envato team brings together designers and clients around the world. The Envato forums used to be a congested place. Still, it's a good starting point. Don't make the Envato Forums your only resources.

Although it is the most evident place to begin, you can go further. Just join them and get started on your talk. In general, it is not so hard to be on the Envato market place. Right from the beginning, the lighting Envato offers may be sufficient. But if you want to make it to Envato Elite, you should do some of your own merchandising and take part in socializing.

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