Selling Themes on Themeforest

Sale of themes on Themeforest

Whilst these levels may sound outrageous to some, there is a lot of money to be made on the WordPress Theme Market. With ThemeForest, selling your WordPress themes is child's play by editing everything "meta" and focusing on creating themes (the product). Dealing with " meta " in the e-commerce world means that they take care of receiving payments when someone decides to buy one of your themes.

Advantages and disadvantages of selling on ThemeForest

The insiders' experiences were share by Henry Rise, ThemeRex' chief executive officer, Power Elite writer on Themeforest. Remember that WP topics now account for almost 85% of the total THEME FOREST audience. It is not only humans who find it simple to create WordPress themes, but the whole wide web seems to like WordPress ahead of all other CMS plattforms.

A ThemeForest author must make necessary changes to his or her strategy, whether he or she likes it or not. Corrosive policies, with multi-purpose themes jumping to the top of selling agendas, have led to a decline in revenue for the team that entrusted their whole operations exclusively to Envato. The decision not to conduct a promotional drive for your franchise, whether you are an élite salesperson or just want to develop WordPress themes, seems neither sensible nor accessible in today's highly competitive world.

Benefits of working with ThemeForest: When it comes to setting up a theme/template deal (actually setting up a company, not just occasionally setting up a theme), there is really no competitor. There is no other place on the market that offers the kind of robustness and reliability that Envato will offer its suppliers in the years to come. You will be introduced to many important persons.

ThemeRex. net has increased to 200,000 visitors per months in a very short period of the year. I' m not speaking about strategies here (e.g. multi-purpose topics vs. micro-niche topics). I' m speaking of the liberty to choose the pricing of your own wares. Alternatively, go in the opposite sense, like some at the top of the chart, by fixing your prize at a hundred per subject.

Can' t talk for others, but at first we didn't have so much sales expertise on the marketplace or elsewhere, so we had to depend on Envato. There were only two choices - multi-purpose topic or many microriches. Just didn't have the money or the expertise to pack something that is shining for the whole planet, so we made a lot of high value mikro alcove drafts that enable humans to build their business.

Pricing is modest, so any ThemeRex WP Theme can buy. A few have chosen the non-exclusive way to sell their themes everywhere, not just at Envato, and are satisfied with 50% sales. However, most of them stay with Envato and sell their topics only there. We have never thought of any other option than selling themes on ThemeForest.

We gave Creative Marketing a chance, but it was nothing like ThemeForest, so there was no choice for our game. For a very long number of years, we have relied exclusively on Envato. Nothing else but top of the line product and premier customer service. Who else could give you 35,000 euros in revenue except Envato on such conditions?

4 ) Envato will see to it that you are recognised as an Elite-/Machtel-Author. For example the new Theme-Boost - Your themes will be displayed on the Envato-Homepage when they appear and will get a super-exposition in the first few day. The Envato group has to handle tens of thousands of requests, and the number of suppliers and clients is increasing.

5 ) You can collect good cash on our help! Although the level of assistance is very important. From the time clients had to foot the bill for supporting us, the customer service staff was paying their own salary, which worked really well for us. Envato has become a great copier, with many writers of what we call the "second and third wave".

Drawbacks of ThemeForest: To say nothing of providers who pursue different sales strategy for their themes. Can' t say that this is the only way to read the whole thing, this is just the ThemeRex storyline and the opinions of our insiders basing on 5 years of daily collaboration with Envato. Confide me, we dear ThemeForest, we clearly know that we have to thank Envato for making good bucks and making our lives simpler.

1 ) High standard. Whether you like it or not, Envato must meet these high benchmarks to sustain its levels of excellence and prevent the WP ecosystem from looking down on you. Guess everybody knows about the standard. Humans must adore Envato, so humans must adore the product envelope written by the company.

Sometimes I have the impression that ThemeForest has the tempest to push the "red button" and throw out anyone who somehow doesn't match the preset. I have seen how these boys work every single working day on improving the qualitiy of their produce and investing huge amounts in them. There' s no room for talks like "devaluing the product" by getting 50 themes in one for the same prize.

Defaults are getting higher and higher (I think Envato will be developing new defaults very soon) and providers need to be taught how to use them. Envato is not your own manufacturer, it' s Envato. In the past, we had several hundred ticket supports that addressed us as an Envato customer service hotline, which didn't help the company build its brands at all.

Particularly for the new providers. But we fully appreciate that it is the cost we have to bear for all the possibilities offered by the Envato. They' re just coming to the fellowship board, which by the way seems rather deserted and sees how suppliers are complaining about the decline in turnover and other current issues without even reacting to it.

I really pity these guys. In the past, ThemeForest cared more about its writers, not just the top writers, and it could be a big issue. Writers are the motor of Envato. Apparently it is reasonable for everyone to be able to determine their own price for their own product. A number of writers misused the system to list their articles as the most costly and list them at ridiculously low rates.

Alternatively, the topics that are selling at almost 0% turnover for the writer, only for promotional use. A lot of men are dying! It'?s really difficult to get into ThemeForest right now. When we launched two of our partnership products (the powerful élite AncoraThemes and the élite writer AxiomThemes), we sensed it. Avada generated more turnover in April 2017 alone than all three of our customers with a total of over 300 topics.

In view of the discount tactic and the overcrowded demand for premium goods, value creation seems more of a challenge to me. Don't think you can get an answer from Envato. Power Elite writers even have to queue up to respond to their question. Whether you like it or not, you will loose your position at Envato without making any additional effort to present your topics.

These figures don't tell the truth, ThemeForest must get at least 2 additional million additional users to buy their WP product in order to maintain the same levels of the current WP product markets. 2 million men a year just to keep it the same! The use of WorldPress is only increasing, and more and more users are depending on the web and on web sites, but that still seems to be a large number to think about.

To sum up, we were delighted to be part of such a great fellowship of Envato suppliers and to be able to base our businesses on it. Surely there are some downsides and smaller downsides, just like in any other shop that affects many as well. We' re really excited about all the choices we've made about ThemeForest, and I really look forward to it going on like this!

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