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A multi-purpose WordPress theme, perfect for companies or individuals who want to advertise their products or services in the right way. Service-Finder - Provider and Business Listings WordPress Topic from a onetheme Finder Service WordPress Theme is an intermediate service and bussiness folder theme. Companies and service companies from different sectors can sign up and set up their profiles. The client can only see his own personal details and make a reservation. The client can give us feed-back on each closed reservation.

In this way, for example, the client can go to the cleaning or electrician's account and make a reservation.

Clients can also go to a dental practice and make an appointment. Please contact us for more information. The provider's account is full of some useful functions such as account administration, time window administration for bookings, non-availability preferences, personnel administration, account administration, invoicing and payments system, service areas and areas, presented suppliers, etc. The client can generate and post a vacancy with his needs.

The client can ask the provider to join the work. The provider can look for vacancies and submit an application for a position. The client can assign a service provider for the work. Provider details and pictures that are not part of the demonstration contents. My bank details have been improved: The My Customers and Providers section has been enhanced. Added wallet system in theme for client and provider.

A cashback options is also available from the administrator, if merchants or customers use using wallets as a means of pay, they can have cashback added to their wallets. Added Q&A section to the provider profiles so the users can ask the provider a question and the provider can answer the question.

Posting chart in client and provider my bank details is better. Each service has a different date and time: Now, the end users can choose a different date and a different clock for each service instead of choosing a date and a different clock for more than one service. Selection options for several days: Users can choose several working hours for each service to be booked.

Previously, there was a restriction to choose only one date for the service, so this restriction is over. Withdrawal via the Stripe Custom Accounts API: We' ve included the Stripe Custom Accounts API, so the administrator can now pay out directly to the provider's merchant banking accounts to receive the part of the deposit after deduction of his charge.

The provider must provide his banking information in order to be entitled to payment. In order to use mango-pay, the administrator has to download and download the mango-pay plug-in and the supplier plug-in, so that he can pay directly to the provider's banking accounts to receive the part of the amount after deduction of his fees.

The provider must provide his banking information in order to be entitled to payment. There are two kinds of voucher systems included in the theme. For either any service: The Provider may include a voucher/offer for each service that he has added to his account, so that at the moment of reservation the voucher for each service that has been reserved is requested OR in general: the voucher codes will be used for the entire amount of the reservation and not for each service amount.

The provider can posts items from his my accounts and is posted on his official website as well. The section for defining windows of time/start times is slightly enhanced, the provider can specify the starting times in large quantities for weekdays by selecting the period of use. Added files download options in the inquiry for a quotation sheet.

The offers required by the users are now displayed both in the client and in the provider accounts, the provider can respond with his offer to the client and the client can view all responses from different suppliers and instruct the desired provider. Submit the same listing to related vendors who were also added in the inquiry for a listing forme.

The provider can also include break times and turn the Opening Times section on or off.

Now, the vendor can specify non-available dates in large quantities instead of selecting one day at a time. The service to which the member of the project belongs: The provider can allocate the service to the member of the teammate, previously there was no such possibility. Displays the bundle detail in the Upgrading Bundle section: Now, the vendor can see the bundle features with the pointer over the bundle mailbox in the section entitled Upgrades Account.

Revolutionslide plug-in is supplied with the theme, so you can now include a sliding bar on the home page. Added: You can now customize the provider category as a jobs category: The administrator can select to allow provider category imports as jobs category imports, so the administrator does not need to include jobs category imports if he wants to keep the same provider category as jobs category imports.

The Upgrade section of my accounts imports my designs into Provider's accounts. Added extension options to the existing bundle. The chain paying system is adapted when you book via paypal. Users Dashboard in the Administration Area under Service Finder Menü. Added provider mass import function in administration under Service Finder drop-down list. Added support for SMTP in the Service Finder submenu of the Administrator.

Show/show the floatng menu in the provider's open profiles item added in Theme Optionen -> Provider Preferences. This is the item specified in the headset. Integrates voocommerce payoff. Solve many smaller problems in the topic. Fix: The registration forms created with shortcode had a JS bug which is now corrected. Fix: Sticking headers problem solved. Pay ing method in provider profiles regardless of what is enabled in topic items.

Change in service times and costs. Connect options for the test packet. The provider list was interrupted in the results if html tag was found in the provider's text. The gallery pictures section was not displayed for the sample pack in the provider profiles. Fix: Added a keyword for your message to the expiration date and canceled the unsubscription to the administrator.

Problem with the video gallery in the provider profiles. Added radius searching by miles/kilometers to the topic item. Added preference to open or quit the extended query mask by theme properties -> Query preferences by standard. Deactivate the Bank details section in the provider profiles preferences. NEW: In the my account-offerer availability area we have the possibility to set the starting date for each workday.

Thus the client can select the starting point at the moment of reservation and the end point is charged according to the service times used. The provider has both options (time window or starting time) and can select which options he wants to use. The administrator now has the possibility to authorize every new inquiry that comes through the website, then only an e-mail with the offer detail will be sent to the provider.

The administrator has the possibility to enable or disable this feature. If you are a registred member, you can ask for a quotation by filling out the offer sheet and after logging in you can ask for a quotation. The administrator can turn this on or off. Optional prize filter. Thus, the searcher now has the possibility to select the pricing margin.

This means that if the client types in a service name or a service provider-assigned word is shown in the results of the query according to the client's chosen pricing margin. Now the administrator has the possibility to select either normal capturecha or Google Capture. Thus, reservations from the provider profiles are shown in his Google calender.

For example, the administrator can now activate or deactivate the Claims Handling Options for specific companies via his own accounts, as the administrator and the users will be able to handle transactions via the provider's published profiles. The administrator can activate the free or prepaid eligibility options. When you select the Payed Claims Settlement Transaction checkbox, the administrator sees all claims in the Claims section under the Service Explorer section.

Once you have approved, a shortcut in the e-mail will be sent to that person and when you click on this shortcut, they will be taken to the page of payments with the selected parcel. As soon as he has payed for the parcel, he will get an e-mail confirming the details of his respective company by entering his login and key.

Added Test Bundle options. Added a new bundle named trial pack in the section packs of the theme options. The administrator can now activate the test packet. When a vendor has already signed up for the test pack, they will no longer be able to see the Test pack options after the validity period expires and will only see the other three packs they can select from in the section entitled Your upgrades area.

With the wp Solar Logon plug-in we have adapted the registration for customers and providers. If the administrator wants to activate this function, he has to download the wp sozial plug-in and that's it. Added Wordpress side bar in provider profiles type 1. This allows the administrator to insert additional Widget in the Provider Profilesidebar.

Ask for a quotation sheet and the related provider section, which has also been transformed into a widget. This allows the administrator to insert or delete and modify the location of the widget. Added OPT function in the provider login also to check the provider e-mail. The administrator can turn this on or off from the theme settings.

Added: Suppliers contacts can be hidden now. Previously, the administrator could turn the entire Contacts Information area on or off from the provider profiles, but now they can turn on or off specific contacts such as telephone number or home page or e-mail or website or global positioning system etc. Jump the pay method in the "Buy Jobs Connections" section.

By accessing the provider profiles as an administrator, the administrator can create jobs connections to the provider accounts without making a deposit, so he can select to bypass the deposit method while creating jobs connections. Multiple site options for vendors. Administrator can append "Multiple Location" ability to any packet and the provider registering under that packet will have a new section to append more sites of his company through his affiliate area.

Also, all sites are shown in the My Site section of the provider's published site section, so when the end users selects a site, the maps are reloaded to indicate that that site and that site have been involved in the find. More than one movie in provider profiles options. The vendor can now append more movies, not just one.

The administrator can switch the checkbox on or off, whether only registrated clients can see the provider's or not. Adds groups of shared service. The provider can now specify groups and insert additional service under each group. E-mail alerts before the date of your reservation. The administrator can now set the number of working day for posting e-mail reminder e-mails before the posting date.

Provider Category in the Provider Category page can be modified by the administrator using the theme option. You can change or remove the Autor slot in the provider profiles URL by the administrator via the topic option. Fix: Brief descriptive key word also added to reservation e-mail templates under Topic Option -> Message Option -> Reservation e-mail.

Fix: on the provider profiles page in the related provider area, the provider profiles picture is now shown in the 80x80 px format and if there is no profiles picture, then the standard avatar picture defined by the administrator is shown sooner, it was empty. Fix: If the free reservation feature is activated, then $0.00 will be deducted from the top of the reservation page.

Fix: The character chain "verified provider" was previously not translateable, now it is. Fix: "Booking progress modified to completed" e-mail templates sends HTML tag in e-mail, now it is corrected. Fix: In another laguage, an errormessage was displayed in the section "Upgrade account", which is not resolved. Fix: The option for the posting setting in the provider my Account are not activated by the provider register.

Former providers must activate the reservation possibilities. In the last updated (Provider Type 1) the order value was absent in the last transaction type. Customers who register by post have not been included in the client database. Fix: There was a problem controlling the logo dimensions from the theme item in the last fix.

An error has been fixed in the section'Service to run at' in the provider my accounts. Added "Service to run at" service to provider profiles. The provider can now insert his own site to show it in the first stage of the reservation request instead of asking for the client's whereabouts. The provider can adjust his addresses longitudes and latitudes with zooming stage by pulling the card cursor under addresses information area of his profilesettings.

Optional additional topic choices to show/hide the seek toolbar on the home page, results page, categories page, and provider profiles page. Added preference to adjust the map size on the home page on the screen and on the phone. The administrator can select the checkbox "Category picture will be shown as flag on the categories page". Optional to specify the standard vendor avatar picture.

The provider can also submit the rating/evaluation for another provider. The administrator has the possibility to switch this feature on and off via the topic settings. Fix: The provider registration places the countries in front of the location area. An e-mail message is sent to the provider when the client reschedules a reservation. There was no display of the catagory in the login e-mail if the provider registered for free.

You will see the capturecha failure on the empty page when you log in. You will now see the capturecha bug on the registration page instead of referring to another page. Omkkraft/Overlay did not work. Fix: There was an bug in the last OTP function in provider styled one OTP function fix. The approved or non-approved ID emails alert is now associated with the subject preferences emails templates.

Previously, it was to send standard e-mail set-up in your e-mail address barcodes. Vendor alert system. For example, advertisers can now generate notifications by selecting their own choices such as: keyboard, task name, task name, task name, task name, task name, task name, job name, task name, task name, job name, task name, and more. For example, automated notifications are sent to suppliers when vacancies that match their search terms are published on site.

The wp job management plugin's wp File Alert extension is contained in the theme. Now, the provider will be able to buy more jobs links if periodic jobs links are terminated. Thus, the administrator will be able to redefine schedules and the provider will be able to select the desired schedule and after paying he will be offered the connections contained in the schedule.

Enable/disable the checkbox to get a quotation. Enable/disable the capture picture options on the registration page and ask for a quotation page to avoid sending spams. Power on/off options for the side bars on each page. Enable/disable the comments page options on each page. Alert toolbar in my client and vendor accounts to list alerts for various incidents.

Rerouting options for provider login and client login. The speed -dial code[Show-Provider] now has the new parameter'Featured' to display only the presented provider on one page. Added seperate login and vendor login emails in the emailsettings. Previously, there was an e mailer that sent the same e mails to customers and vendors.

Advtar/profil image-upload option in client profiles. The provider can lock or unlock a service for display on the reservation forms. Shortcut for adding a general enquiry template to the website as a pushbutton or template. In this way, the users can submit an offer to the administrator via this inquiry from.

Optional to manage BG colour and translucency in organic, follower, featured suppliers, photogallery and requirement of a section of offer added in theme settings. A check mark is now displayed on each validated provider profil. Filter added to the provider chart in the Service Finder section of the Dashboard. Added dynamical news area in topic settings.

Thus, the administrator can modify some statical message to want one. Continuous timeframes can be added in the Availability section of the Provider my account. Telephone number and website link are now available on the provider's website page. The administrator can modify the character sequence 'Customer'. Previously, it was only possible to modify the provider's character sequence. The new Paypal adapter allows you to pay with the help of an online paypal system.

Administrator can send payment to the provider via Paypal. Added - Incentive and commission system in Accounts section of Topic Optionen. The administrator can specify a fixed amount of the provision that he or she wants to calculate for the posting. Added - The administrator can disable the payed reservation on the website altogether. Thus the offerer has only one free reservation possibility.

Also, if the administrator activates the Payed Reservation checkbox, the provider has a free or payed reservation checkbox. Added - Text editor in the Add/Edit service area. Now - Provider can predefine the number of lessons for the service. This way the users do not have to choose the number of hour for the service every hour.

Added a new feature to modify the e-mail topic in the e-mail preferences for each submission. Nov - The e-mail is sent in RTL file form when the RTL file type is used. Added - When the administrator turns off the "Show contact information" section of the provider profiles page, the provider addresses are not displayed on the website, previously they were only removed from the provider profiles page.

Added - The administrator can choose the timing mode, e.g. An AM/PM or 24-hour form for scheduling offers. Added a new checkbox to modify the colour of the navigational wallpaper. Fixed - Catalyzed bug on home page when administrator removed demonstration category. Fixed - Unsubscribe add unsubscription options in the Upgrade Accounts section of the provider section.

Fixed - Maximum limitation increases in Galerie Preferences, Multi Categories Preferences and Jobs Applications Preferences under Provider Preferences. Fixed - supplier pictures and categories pictures are added as wallpapers so that the picture sizes always the same. Fixed - Google Map API key misses alert in administration area. Fixed - added cities and countries to the provider profiles each update of the profiles.

Fixed - A provider cannot reserve another provider. Fixed - If the administrator rejects the provider's features query and the administrator receives the same provider function from the administrator, he creates a duplicate line. Fixed - The provider's login passwords now have a minimal and maximal number of characters to be checked.

Added - The administrator can insert vendors and clients via the dashboard. Added - The administrator can administer provider profile via the dashboard. The ' Administer profile' pushbutton has been added to the provider data chart in the Service Finder section. Added - Country drop-down menu added to provider registration screen instead of entry box. Added - Goolge auto-complete scripts in urban box added to provider registration forms.

Added a new e-mail preferences item to specify the permission or denial templates for your ID validation. Added a new payment method when registering with the provider. Neu - Export the provider's banking information in CVS form. Added preference setting in the theme option's advanced search engine to fill your theme with subetags. Added - If no packet is enabled, the packet drop-down menu is invisible in the provider registry.

Added a new e-mail preferences item to specify the subscription plan templates for the update pack. Fixed - The postal code box is now optionally available for provider registration. Fixed - The offer prices of the provider are displayed in the applicants area of the client my job. Fixed - The Postcode box is fully cleared from the reservation forms if the provider chooses the'Open' checkbox in the reservation preferences.

Fixed - Member subscription schedule and date are also displayed for the free bundle in the provider's datagrid in thedmin area. Fixed - Send e-mails to the client even if the reservation is cancelled. Added possibility to insert additional tag names on the provider profiles page in the topic options. Added preference in Provider settings -> Provider page settings to modify the text "Provider" in the whole topic.

Added/removed options to add/remove the "Accept terms and conditions" check box added under Provider Settings -> Registration Restrictions for the Client or Supplier Registration Forms. The My History pushbutton has been added to the provider profiles page to go directly from my affiliate to my profiles page. Added new paramter "showitem" in the featureured provider's shortcut to check the number of provider in the section "Featured Provider".

Ask for an offer badge, which was also added above in the provider profil Type 2. Options for controlling the text sizes and weights added to the Navigate Styles section of the Navigate menu. The service area heading has change to Postal Code under Provider My Account. The Paypal bath char pente sets errors fix in accountpayments. The administrator can turn this on or off using the theme options.

Added preference to specify From Email and From Name for emailing. Added theme options to modify the logodimension in the portable display. Optional to show and hide contact information on the provider profiles page. Customers deleting problem in administration. Fix: Now, after the registration, the registration field will be empty.

Fix: In case of Free Booking the record company was moved from 'Pay Now' to 'Submit Now'. Fix: The e-mail from the Contacts page is sent to the e-mail configuration in the Topic Options -> Contacts area. Sent to an administrator e-mail. Topic options to modify the text colour of the logos. The colour of the category circles can be modified using the theme options.

The provider may submit an application for a vacancy. The provider can register in several different ways. Short code for the registration and application forms changed. The administrator can view the client registration and vendor registration forms separate. Submit an application for the ability that has been added to the bundle. The administrator can set boundaries for each packet. Register under several different category added to the bundle.

The administrator can set boundaries for each packet. Added text editor instead of text field for provider organic.

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