Set up Email Godaddy

Configure E-Mail Godaddy

Get a professional email address for free in GoDaddy The video will show you how to build your own private email account on your own private email site, such as For example, instead of a regular email account like, you can use an email ID like

.. that looks much more pro. That means that you can email and recieve email from email adresses like or

You will need a website with GoDaddy before you begin. Type the email that you want to generate and choose the odds as indefinite. Click Submit then. Let's now associate this user-defined email ID with your current Google Mail email accounts. That' s useful because once you plug it into your mailbox a/c, you no longer have to scan two different mailboxes for new messages.

Anything can be done within cmail. In order to link your new e-mail ID to your email, we must first forward all your e-mails, then click "Forward" under "E-mail". Then click Submit Forwarding and type your own email. Please now type in your email adress to which you want to forward your new e-mails.

Now, all e-mails sent to our new e-mail ID are passed on to mail. Now, the next thing is that Google Mail will be able to email with a new ID. Now you should be able to type the information displayed here into your email inbox. Type the "from" name you want to use, then type the customized email that you have provided, and then click Next.

Go to Godaddy and copy the gateway and then its passwords (enter the same passwords you have chosen in Godaddy). At this point, you will be asked for a verification key. Your new email becomes the standard one. You' ll see here that you have the ability to send the email from your Google Email or your personal email to.

So, to verify that this works properly, email someone and see if they do. How to build a pro email for your website and get it with Gmail.

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