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Customize auto refresh settings to change frequency, refresh type, server configuration, and backup settings. To deploy updates automatically, you can select the Auto Deploy option. In the System and Security window, select the Windows Update link. When Windows Update opens, click or tap the Change settings link on the left. Modify certain index level settings in real time.

Was is the 'Carrier Settings Update' on my iPhone, iPad?

Do you get this alert about your mobile settings? This is the first thought you might have when a message pops up on your iPhone or iPad asking you to update your settings to a different version of the " Settings Update ". "If you' re like me, flinch and press the Refresh icon (YOLO!). However, others may be more cautious and want to know what the update is for and whether it can be safely downloaded before taking any actions.

Contrary to large OS upgrades, there isn't much information or news about what happens to your cartridge settings upgrades, where they come from, or how they affect your machine. I spoke to Apple and all four big airlines - AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon - to get more information.

Please be aware that according to the information provided by the airlines, these upgrades apply specifically to Apple iPhones and mobile connecting iPads. Both Google and Microsoft also make carrier-related changes to their Android and Windows Phone handsets, but they are combined into a more general update of either our own or our own products. Which is an update of the settings of therier?

Apple explains on its Supports page that "Carrier Settings are small pieces of information that can contain Apple and your carriers' update to carrier-related settings such as networking, call, mobile, message, hot spot, voice mail, and so on. Upgrades are mainly used to introduce new functionality or improve overall system behavior.

It can involve supporting carriers' networks to upgrade, or introducing new features such as Voice-over-LTE that promise better sound quality for speech-call. You can also use updates to fix a specific issue. So for example, a carriers update was released after a failure was found on the Verizon iPhone 5s that caused the phone to use mobile communications information while on a Wi-Fi overlay.

A further case in which an update of the carriers settings can take place is the exchange of subscriber IDs. Let's assume you have used an activated iPhone in the AT&T AT&T corporate communications and have decided to migrate to T-Mobile. In order for the iPhone to work with the new vendor, it must update its carriers settings.

You can update your phone as soon as you install the new phone number. If not, however, you can go to Settings > General > About to launch the trial later. Usually these are smaller than larger system upgrade releases, so the update procedure should be quicker so you don't have to stay off-line for very long.

How are the fixes released and how are they shipped? If one is available, you may get a wirelessly downloadable and installable pushed alert on your iPhone or iPad. The next times you plug your unit into your computer via your computer via UPS, you can also get a report in Appleunes.

When you experience a problem or problem on the net when using functions such as voice mail, it is advisable to make sure that you have not failed to update your carriers settings by following the above procedure before you contact your ISP. Can I see what the update changes or fixes? It' s sensible - intelligent, even - to know what's in an update before you download it to your iPhone or iPad.

It' not like a third-party application update that often provides a chance to show you what has been added or corrected. In other cases, the Company may post information on its Web site, although this typically includes browsing a variety of Web sites for assistance. When everything else goes wrong, a Google sweep can result in more details from an Apple- or Carrier-related users board or website.

But, really, it would be great if the interested party would show the changes from the beginning, no matter how big or small the update might be. Is the update secure to use? Are there potentials that the update harms more than it benefits? Generally, the answers are yes, they are secure to use.

However, it is always good to look out for anything that seems lazy, such as typos in the update notification. There' s certainly the possibility that an update could cause something to break or affect the operation of your machine. We' ve seen this happening several of the time with it. However, this was not a big problem when updating the carriers settings.

When there is a solution, Apple and the carrier would surely find a solution. Have I the possibility to jump or move an update? A few upgrades are required, and the only thing you will see when the command line appears on the monitor is "OK". In other cases, you can choose to continue with the update or slow it down by pressing the "Not Now" key.

Which advantages does the implementation of the update have? It is unlikely that expecting to wait for an update to be installed or simply disregarding warnings will cause any significant issues. However, based on what is published with the update, the advantages could be more features, higher speed or better call performance. Once you have read this, hopefully you will find yourself better equipped to make a choice the next times a notification to update your carriers settings appears on your computer monitor.

Refreshed with more information from Apple about the purposes of updating your carriers settings.

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